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About LABS Meetings

ASBC presents Local Area Brewing Science (LABS) Meetings. These local meetings feature scientific presentations by industry experts about a designated scientific topic, located in various breweries across the United States! Previous topics have included: Lab Expansion; Building a Sensory Program; and All You Ever Wanted to Know About Yeast!

How to Host a LABS Meeting

Are you interested in holding a LABS meeting in your area? Please review the LABS Guideline document to assist you in your planning process. The LABS Committee will select and approve all LABS meetings based upon requests from regional coordinators to host a meeting. When presenting a proposal to the LABS Committee, the regional coordinators should indicate features of the area, facilities being considered, relative costs, and the program being considered.
Once approved, the regional coordinator should appoint a planning committee and work with ASBC Staff and their appointed Regional LABS Representative.

To Apply

Submitted online proposals will be reviewed by the LABS Committee. Once approved, the regional coordinator will be assigned a Regional LABS Representative and will work with ASBC staff to implement the meeting.
Questions? Contact ASBC

Upcoming Meetings

October 11, 2018—Sensory Analysis

Coronado Brewing Company
1205 Knoxville St
San Diego, CA  92110 

Previous Meetings

June 6, 2018—Maximizing Cold-side Flavor and Aroma Additions (Hops and Adjuncts)

April 11, 2018—Funky Fermentations: Brewing with Mixed Cultures