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Upcoming Webinar: "Why Can't We Can It?"

Register now for our upcoming webinar, "Why Can't We Can It?" taking place November 8. This webinar will discuss the latest research into how corrosion in aluminum cans can affect the shelf life of your sour fermented products.

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Unlocking Yeast Potential — Exploring Hybridization for Superior Brewing Yeasts

“Hybridization” is a buzzing word; indeed, this technology allows for desirable characteristics of different yeasts to be combined into one chosen superior offspring. It can take a significant amount of time (years) to select that chosen one, but it is worth the wait. Ideally you would want to combine performance with the right flavor profile while avoiding undesirable characteristics. This natural method is classified as non-GMO and can therefore be used freely without GRAS approval and anywhere in the world.​

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​​​"Why Can't We Can It?" - Aluminum Can Corrosion in "Hard-to-Hold" Beverages

​ASBC Webinar | November 8, 2023​

​World Brewing Congress​ 2024

​Minneapolis Minnesota | August 17–20, 2024

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Comparative Investigation of Flavors in Red and Brown Flemish Beers: Key-Role of Brettanomyces and Torrefied Malts in Ethylphenols Occurrence

Alexandre Dusart and colleagues present a comprehensive overview of the volatiles associated with representative red and brown beers. For the red sour beers , results showed the influence of Brettanomyces yeast on the phenol and ester contents, and for the brown sour beer, results showed significantly more unreduced 4-vinylguaiacol and 4-vinylphenol.

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