Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2017

"Energy in the Rockies" is this year's theme for the Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2017, taking place October 25–27 and co-sponsored by ASBC and the American Chemical Society. ASBC members receive discounted registration!




Join the ASBC Electronic Communications Committee

The ASBC Electronic Communications Committee is looking for a few, good members. If you’d like to contribute creativity and content to refresh the Buzz e-Newsletter and the ASBC website and deliver the information and tools our members depend on, please let us know. Under the leadership of Chair Kimberly Bacigalupo of Sierra Nevada Brewing and Publications Director Scott Britton of Duvel, you can expect to spend 1–2 fun and rewarding hours a month to in devising a new look and process for finding and contributing to The Science of Beer. Contact Carol Ericson at HQ if you’re interested.






International Brewers Symposium

The 2nd International Brewers Symposium on Hop Aroma and Flavor in Beer was held in Corvallis, Oregon, on July 25–28, 2017.

Read the summary here..




Journal of the ASBC Editor's Pick: Reduction of Hordein Content in Beer by Applying Prolyl Endoprotease to the Malting Process

Brewers who are reluctant to use unique exogenous enzymes in fermentation might be interested in the possibility of using such enzymes in the malting process, thereby ensuring their loss on the kiln. Taylor and colleagues show how this enzyme efficiently deals with proteins that are a risk to haze and to the health of gluten-sensitive individuals when it is added during the germination phase of malting.




What is Bjordagurinn?



Which combination of days do you prefer for the ASBC Annual Meeting?


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