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Upcoming Webinar: HACCP and FSMA, The Next Steps

Join us on July 24, 2024, to learn the detailed steps to developing and implementing a HACCP plan. This webinar complements the March 2024 webinar, HACCP Fundamentals, now available on demand! ASBC Webinars are free for members.

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Lessons Learned from HZY1

Gene editing to influence haze—how hard could it be? This month, Laura Burns reveals the unexpected twists of studying the yeast mannoprotein gene HZY1, giving us a sneak peak of her upcoming paper in the Journal of the ASBC.

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​​World Brewing Congress 2024

Secure Your Spot for WBC 2024! 

​​​​​Register today for World Brewing Congress 2024! ​Don't miss your chance to be part of this global brewing event that only ​happens every four years. Join us in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ​August 17–20, for unparalleled scientific programming and networking opportunities. Save $100 when you book your room at the official hotel of WBC!

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With a variety of samples available, ASBC LP​P can help improve the accuracy of labs of all sizes. Compare your results with labs from around the world while regularly evaluating your accuracy and instrument performance. Learn how you can start improving your lab -- and the synergies you can get when you bundle ASBC LPP with your free ASBC member Methods of Analysis​

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​​JASBC Editor's Pick

Storability and Brewing Quality of Corn Grits: Impacts of Storage Temperature, Particle Size and Key Compositional Factors​

This JASBC Editor’s Pick by Carolina Maia and David J. Cook identified particle size, storage time, and temperature as key factors affecting the brewing quality of stored corn grits. Identifying these key factors will help to develop better supply chain management and storage practices for corn grits. Read the full article to learn more about how these factors impact brewing quality.

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