Maximizing Cold-side Flavor and Aroma Additions (Hops and Adjuncts)

​About the Meeting

The pursuit of making better beer can lead brewers in many directions—acquiring new equipment, experimenting with new ingredients, or even reevaluating standard process protocols. Over the course of the past year at Avery Brewing Company, our pursuit has led us down all three of these paths, with the specific end goal of maximizing cold-side flavor and aroma additions of hops and adjuncts. Building on what we've learned from years of experimenting with dry-hopping techniques, we have brought in new equipment and applied new processes to optimize flavor and aroma extraction from a variety of dry and liquid adjunct ingredients. Using our dry adjunct dosing vessel and our liquid adjunct dosing system, we have dramatically improved our extraction efficiency, minimized our potential for contamination, and made our overall process safer and easier.   

John Olson
Cellar Manager
Avery Brewing Company

Event Details

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

5:00–9:00 p.m.

Avery Brewing Company
4910 Nautilus Ct N
Boulder, CO 80301

Program Agenda

  • Welcome beer and social
  • Tour of the brewery
  • Dinner, beer, and presentation


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More Learning Opportunities

The ASBC week-long course Setting the Standard: A Deep Dive into Quality takes place June 4–8, 2018, at Colorado State University. This course will combine educational lectures and hands on laboratory work to give attendees the tools to demystify the quality process. This course will also incorporate brewery visits around Fort Collins and one night will be an out of town experience for the ASBC Labs Meeting: Maximizing Cold-side Flavor and Aroma Additions. Learn more and register.