An Evening with Greg Casey

Meeting Recap

On Thursday May 2nd, Greg Casey visited New Belgium Brewing for an ASBC LABS meeting to discuss beer. First, attendees checked in, grabbed a beer and visited with one another until Kelly and Dana took interested participants on tours of the awesome lab facilities at New Belgium. Those who stayed back continued catching up with one another and visited with the other Platinum Sponsors, Nexcelom and Anton Paar. After the tours, everyone refilled their beers and grabbed food. After an introduction by Dana and Kelly, Greg began discussing beer; specifically American beer and what makes it special. The focus of the talk was during the period from 1840 through WWII. It was during this time that American Beer was not only raising the standard for what was considered the best beer in the world, but American Beer was also facing an existential crisis as many tried to institute deep control on what brewers were allowed use for raw materials. What happened during that time period has had long lasting effects through today and Greg shed light on many of the brewing chemists and other personalities that not only threatened American beer, but also those who saved it. Greg is currently half-way finished writing a 6 volume set to help answer the age-old and ever relevant question, What is Beer? 

Greg Casey presenting at the May 2, 2019 LABS meeting

Invited Speaker

Greg Casey, retired, 19th century/pre-WW1 American brewing scientists in defending our National Beverage (and protecting the right of all brewers to use the GRAS ingredients of their choice). Men such as Dr. Robert Wahl, Dr. J. E. Siebel, Dr. Francis Wyatt, Max Henius, and Anton Schwarz, to name a few.

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Program Agenda

​5:00 p.m. ​Registration, New Belgium Lab Tours, and Sponsor Demos
​6:00 p.m. ​Dinner
​6:30 p.m. ​Greg Casey presentation: What is Beer? ​View abstract
7:30 p.m. ​​Networking
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