​​Social Media Kit​​

​​These recommendations provide tools to help members, speakers, and society leaders successfully share industry information​​, society news, and professional achievements with ​your personal connections and the wider ASBC social network.

Check out our social media post templates for best practices!​​

1. Join/follow the official ASBC accounts on all of the social media platforms you use:


2. Keep your posts within the maximum character count of each social media platform (these include the quantity of all letters, spaces, and symbols):​

  • ​Twitter: 280 Characters
  • Instagram: 2,200 Characters
  • LinkedIn: 3,000 Characters
  • Facebook: 63,206 Characters

3. Use our main hashtag #BrewingScience and any of the below ASBC hashtags that relate to the content in your post.


  • #YYYYASBC (ex: #2023ASBC for the 2023 ASBC Meeting)
  • #BrewingSummitYYYY (ex: #BrewingSummit2022)
  • #WorldBrewingCongress


  • #ASBCWorkshop
  • #LabOnTheCheap
  • #ASBCWebinar
  • Content specific tags like #RawMaterials for the Raw Materials Symposium

Journal of ASBC

  • #JASBC

4. When you post relevant research, professional endeavors in the field, or wider industry information, use the hashtag #BrewingScience and tag ASBC to share it with our community:

  • Twitter group: @brewingchemists
  • Instagram: type @brewingchemists and select our account ​ ​
  • LinkedIn: type "@American Society of Brewing Chemists" and select our name when it pops up
  • Facebook: type "@ASBC" or "@AmericanSocietyofBrewingChemists" and choose the group from the drop-down

5. Like and share/retweet content from official ASBC pages to your personal pages/accounts to amplify the message.

  • Comment on and reply to posts and responses
  • Link directly to the website URL of any ASBC source information (journal article, short course, webinar, landing page content, etc.)
  • Consider using bitly.com to shorten long links

6. Don’t forget about our online community, ASBC Connect​, a social tool for connecting directly to other members!​

Set a weekly reminder to visit our community and reply to comments, add your expertise, and start new threads.​​​

7. Contact ASBCmarketing@scisoc.org​ for social media assistance at any time.

Social Media Post Templates

​The following are templates to use/adapt when posting about ​various ASBC topics:

PLEASE NOTE: all examples are created for Twitter, adjust tags in line with the above information in #4 for posts on other social platforms.​

  • Meetings
  • Courses
  • Webinars
  • Bookstore

Social Media Post Examples

The following social media posts are good examples of the above recommendations in practice. ​

social example 2.png