​​​​​​​Non-Traditional Beverages Virtual Workshop Series​

2021 Broadcast Dates: 
November 9 | November 16​ | November​ 30​

The Non-Traditional Beverages Virtual Workshop Series, hosted by the American Society of Bre​wing Chemists (ASBC), brings together lead​ers from the brewing industry and academia to deliver technical and sc​ientific insights on the production of kombucha, ready-to-drink beverages, and hard seltzers. Happening November 9, 16, and 30​, this ed​ucational event will provide you with networking opportunities, lively discussions ​with experts, and a deeper technical understanding of how to commercially produce these beverages in your existing brewery.

Program content wi​ll be​ sche​duled from 9:00 a.m. —​ 1:00 p.m. Central Time each day. Detailed program information to come. Registrants will have on-deman​d access to the workshop(s) they​ register for through December 31, 2021. 

​Access On-Demand Workshop Content

November 9: It's All About Kombucha​

Learn the ins and outs of k​ombucha at this practical workshop event. At this workshop, you will learn about SCOBY microbiology, insights into commercial ko​mbucha production and analysis, and tips and tricks from existing kombucha entrepreneurs. Learn more.

November 16: Everything but Hard Seltzers​

Drinks like hard cocktails, hard tea, and hard coffee are swiftly on the rise. Are you and your organization ready? At this workshop, you will learn about the creation of hard cocktails, insights into the regulatory environment of alternative beverages, and the market trends and economics surrounding hard seltzers. See speaker lineup.

November 30: ​Hard Seltzers​

Hard Seltzers have taken the alcoholic beverage market by storm. At this workshop, you will learn about the innovation process of hard seltzers, hard seltzer yeast management, the general production process and stabilization of hard seltzers, and a small craft brewery perspective on starting to make hard seltzers and the challenges that were encountered.​ Find out more.

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