Undergraduate Scholarships

​Undergraduate students who are children of ASBC members and are entering their junior or senior year of college are eligible to apply for a scholarship of up to $1,000.

Application Deadline is April 1.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. The candidate must be the child of an active ASBC Member.
  2. The candidate must be enrolled as an undergraduate student entering their junior or senior year at a college or university and be actively pursuing a bachelor’s degree.
  3. The candidate must be enrolled in an academic schedule that meets the minimum requirements of the attending college or university for a full-time undergraduate student.
  4. Age, sex, race, financial need, and nonreceipt of an ASBC undergraduate scholarship are not conditions of eligibility for the award.
  5. The value or terms of any award are subject to change upon agreement with the donor.
  6. A scientific course of study is not a requirement for consideration of this award; however, in the event of a tie, a scientific course of study would be considered a plus.
  7. All information and attachments requested in the application must be provided. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Do not submit more than requested. Use only the space provided on the application form.

Past Scholarship Recipients

The following students received scholarships from the ASBC General Endowment Fund. Donations to the General Endowment Fund are allowed to grow, and dividends are used to fund new opportunities for students in the field of brewing science, including but not limited to graduate and undergraduate scholarships.

Academic Year​ ​Recipient
​2013-14 ​Miranda Jensen, Concordia College
​Robert Speers, Dalhousie University, Canada
Tina Yin, Drake University
​2011-12 ​Taylor Eurich and Douglas McErlean
​2010-11 ​Ellen Yin, Purdue University