49. Rapid testing methods for beer analysis using infrared spectrometry and quality trait analysis

Lai, A.1 and Kramer, K.1, (1)Eurofins QTA, Inc., Cincinnati, OH, USA


Infrared spectroscopy is becoming a widely used technology in a variety of industries, such as food/ingredients, agricultural commodities, beverage, nutraceuticals, and others. Infrared spectroscopy offers rapid, nondestructive, multicomponent analysis with little or no sample preparation, making it an attractive analytical technique. The recent advances in the accuracy and reliability of this method has added to its increasing popularity. Infrared spectroscopy for both hops analysis and finished product beer analysis is described in this presentation. Hops are analyzed for alpha-acids by near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and finished product beer is analyzed for a number of traits using mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopy. For hops, a small portion of hops is placed in a cup and scanned, with no additional sample preparation. For beer, bitterness (IBU), alcohol content (ABV), extracts, fermentation, specific gravity, calories, color, and pH are analyzed simultaneously using only a drop of beer. For both instruments, scanning and results are completed in approximately 2 min or less. The quality trait analysis (QTA) technique and instrumentation will be presented, along with the performance criteria (i.e., method errors and ranges) for each parameter that is tested for beer and hops.

Anthony Lai is the commercial manager at Eurofins QTA.

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