Lindsay Barr (1); (1) New Belgium Brewing Co.,

IBD Symposium
Tuesday, August 16  •  8:15–11:30 a.m.
Tower Building, Second Level, Grand Ballroom

The accurate quantification of gluten is a crucial factor when labeling gluten-free and/or gluten-reduced beer. Currently, there is no federally-recognized analytical gluten quantification method, making compliance complicated at best. The linchpin for gluten regulations, and the adherence thereof, is a robust and valid gluten detection and quantification method. The ASBC, along with various other scientific societies, have performed independent studies validating the R5 Competitive ELISA Gluten Method in beer and have recognized this method as repeatable and reproducible for the quantification of gluten in beers consisting of varying grist material. In an effort to avoid labeling discrepancies and ensure the health of the public, numerous analytical techniques are being explored for their validity in hydrolyzed food products. Advancements in these methods, along with an overview of the current methodology and considerations for implementation and interpretation, will be discussed.

Lindsay Barr is a sensory specialist at New Belgium Brewing Company and is active in the brewing community as the American Society of Brewing Chemists Sensory Subcommittee chair, Brewers Association Technical Committee member, and Siebel Institute sensory course instructor and competition judge. Lindsay’s educational background is in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Food Science & Technology. Her graduate research was conducted at UC Davis with the focus on gluten-free beer and brewing and she continues to focus her efforts towards the advancement of gluten-free beers by leading and authoring the current ASBC Gluten Detection Method. She currently focuses her passion for flavor science by supporting new product development and quality control at New Belgium Brewing Co. while helping to develop new sensory methods with the ASBC.