Johann Angres (1); (1) Steinfurth, Inc., Alpharetta, GA, U.S.A.

Packaging (Bottles, Draft, and Cans)
Supplier Poster

The last couple of years have been characterized by dramatically changing beverage packaging and its growing impact on beverage quality. The rapidly transforming world of beverage packages has a wide range of benefits for the bottler and consumer. It offers significant cost-saving potential and increasing consumer-focused marketing opportunities, but it is becoming at the same time more and more a critical impact factor on consumer-tasted beverage quality. Standardized test methods and procedures as designed and recommended by the ASBC and ISBT set today’s global guidelines for modern quality control of beverages—with the increasing demand for continuous adaptation of these. Growing price pressure and cost competition for the packaging suppliers boost the demand for adapted and new standardized test methods and integrated quality checks on packaging material during development and evaluation of new packages and bottling of beverages. Measurement of beverage parameters in combination with the packaging evaluation, knowledge about packaging performances and evaluation of packaging under environmental conditions are just a few important steps in the evaluation of beverage quality assuring continuous customer satisfaction. Steinfurth’s presentation discusses the importance of the combined quality control of beverages and beverage packages, looking at this important topic from the view of an innovative instrument supplier continuously adapting its testing equipment to changing testing procedures and strategies (with the focus to keep increased testing activities at possibly economic effort level).

Johann Angres is managing director at Steinfurth, with a main focus on new business development. Steinfurth is a German-based engineering company active in the area of quality control of beverages, closures and containers. He received a bachelor of technology diploma in electrical engineering from the Senior Technical College in Bochum, Germany, in 1992. He began his career with Steinfurth in October 1992 as a development and technical support engineer. Since 2005 he has been president of Steinfurth Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Steinfurth in Georgia. Johann is an ASBC and ISBT (active as co-chair of the Packaging Committee) member.