Santiago Gomez (1); (1) Apotek Solutions, LLC, Plymouth, MI, U.S.A.

Supplier Poster

Low yield in alpha-acid extraction and conversion to iso form during beer processing is a common problem in the brewing industry. There’s a perception that increased boil times lead to higher IBUs in beer but may have an adverse effect on the quality of the beer. Due to the sensitivity to shear of some beer compounds and the presence of suspended plant material, standard food/beverage industry high-shear methods for mixing and dispersion are not viable options. The use of pressure fluctuations induced by cavitation to aid in the extraction and conversion of alpha-acids is explored, along with the concept of wort saturation with iso-alpha-acids and encapsulation of alpha-acids during hop additions. Results show recovery and conversion levels of up to 79% when cavitation is used to aid hot-side hop additions.

Santiago Gomez has a mechanical electrical industrial engineering degree from Universidad Anahuac del Sur in Mexico City. Santiago has 19 years of experience in food and beverage processing related to blending, pasteurization, fermentation, packaging, heat exchange, liquid-liquid refrigeration, spray-drying, CIP cleaning, process design, equipment integration and commissioning. Santiago has been an MBAA member of District Michigan since 2012 and recognized beer judge by the BJCP since 2006.