Brian Loughrey (1); (1) ProBrew/TechniBlend, New Berlin, WI, U.S.A.

Brewhouse Operations
Supplier Poster

A novel method for the introduction of gas into beverages has been developed, streamlining the production of beer and cider, as well as other beverages. This new system combines the clarification or solids removal and dissolution of gas into the beverage steps of production, resulting in both a more efficient process and a higher quality product, at a lower initial equipment cost. The gas, such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen, is injected upstream of a centrifuge employed for clarification of or solids removal from the beverage. The centrifuge utilizes a bowl rotating in a circular fashion at high speeds. The rapid spinning results in significant relative centrifugal force or g-force. With the g-forces and pressure in the bowl, the gas is dissolved and homogenized in the beverage. The advantages of this new system for gas dissolution in beverages are numerous: the centrifuge serves a dual function, including both beverage clarification or solids removal and the dissolution of gas in to the beverage, thereby eliminating the need for additional transfer of the beverage through a gasification system downstream of the centrifuge. In this method, the beverage may be packaged directly downstream of the tank. In addition, the introduction of gas before centrifugation results in less oxygen contamination in the beverage due to reduced oxygen solubility. Finally, this system is able to dissolve gases that have been traditionally difficult to dissolve, such as nitrogen, due to significant centrifugal forces or g-forces.

Brian Loughrey has held many different roles within the brewing industry over his 22 years in the industry. Segments he has worked in include beer distribution, importing, craft brewing, raw material for breweries and OEM for brewing. Brian is one of the creators of ProBrew Inc.