Yusuke Takemori (1), Takaaki Hiraoka (1), Gregory King (1), Clifford Robert (2), Ryo Takechi (2), Yuichi Yotsuyanagi (1); (1) Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan; (2) Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc., U.S.A.

Supplier Poster

Analysis of beer using gas chromatography is often done for quality control, refinement, research and other such purposes. For instance, gas chromatography has been used to analyze alcohols, diacetyl, esters and aldehydes in beer. In this work, we introduce low-cost, highly efficient methods for the analysis of some types of beer using new cutting-edge gas chromatography technologies.

Yusuke Takemori received an M.E. degree in material science from Nara Institute of Science and Technology. He has been working for Shimadzu Corporation in the Marketing Department. He has worked on the marketing of gas chromatography and the food industry.