Rick Ray (1); (1) Rice Bran Technology, Scottsdale, AZ, U.S.A.


Much of the recent focus on hops has been tailored around the different varietals of hops created over the past few decades. Hops plays a major role in beer flavor and quality. The variety and quality of today’s hops are an incredible testament to the continued work of the numerous hop breeding research and growing programs. While hop quality has improved and newer specialty varietals have emerged, little has been done to help understand and expand hop efficiency in brewing. This talk will discuss a new and novel approach for optimizing the available humulone and the aromatic flavor compounds. By using rice bran (ProRyza Brew), you can increase your finished beers IBU by 30% or more. By taking advantage of the naturally occurring bran oil and thinking of it as a non-polar solvent, you can increase humulone’s limited solubility in water and make it more water soluble. By releasing more of the available humulone, you have more available alpha-acids for more bittering compounds and higher IBUs. The bran oil from the rice bran in it’s native form is very unique (it’s an oil, but it’s not) and perfect for brewing.

Rick is a flavor chemist, food technologist and food scientist. Having been in the food industry for 20 plus years, he has worked on flavor modulators, whole grain developments and brewing sciences.

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