Takamasa Hasegawa (1), Takako Inui (1), Tomoyuki Nakahama (1); (1) Suntory Beer Ltd., Osaka, Japan


Hops are important materials that contribute bitterness, a hoppy aroma, and fullness to beer. A number of studies have reported on the differences in hop aroma characteristics among different hop varieties. However, few studies have focused on differences in taste derived from hop in beer. Therefore, in this study, we evaluated the differences in taste characteristics derived from hops, in terms of fullness, bitterness, and so on, between beers, using six hop varieties. In addition, certain hop polyphenols were analyzed to understand the compounds related to each taste characteristic.

Takamasa Hasegawa graduated from the University of Tokyo in Japan. He started his career at the Institute for Beer Development, Suntory Beer Ltd. in 2014. He is engaged in research on the development of brewing technology, especially of hopping technology.

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