Joe Carbott (1); (1) Schoolcraft Brewery, Northville, MI, U.S.A.


Leap Year is upon us! What better way to celebrate, than to change the way our world brings life back to the earth. An evolutionary leap forward into a renewable and resourceful world. Of course this direction will only enhance the already ancient traditions of cask building. Reconstruction of the environment in which our dunder once lived. To show how the elements of earth bring us together and promote well-being. Using these historical discoveries in new ways, I will reacquaint the spirit with its former livelihood. Using authentic materials and lost techniques, whiskey aging will be exposed to longer, more fulfilling shelf lives and more prominent and distinguished flavor. Notwithstanding, these methods will be improved by beveling the science of one of the oldest monuments of humankind. From the alembiq to a copper still, right into nature’s intended development. Keeping both spirit and knowledge alive, our harmony with life will pay its respects to our grand planet with all of its timeless architecture and extraordinary splendor. The earth has secrets that are destined to be revealed to those who seek to understand its existence. Brewers and distillers, like yourselves, have cherished the science and art of celebrating life’s humility with the natural spirit.

Born in southeastern Michigan, Joe Carbott is a 29-year-old distillation student with dreams of coming up with an evolutionary aging process.