Workshop: Continuous Learnings on Barrel-Aged Beers: A Journey through a Fishbone Diagram
Presenter: Greg Casey, MillerCoors
In this workshop, join Greg in the construction of one of his famous “Fishbones,” start to finish. Information on products, brewing materials, brewing technology, and quality are collected to aid in the development of a barrel-aged beer paradigm. Insights to this paradigm are discussed in an interactive setting. Learnings and identified details are then used by the group to construct a fishbone diagram covering barrel-aged beer production.

Workshop: Gluten
Presenters: Joe Casey, Craft Brew Alliance; Martin Zarnkow, TU Munchen; Sylvie Van Zandycke, DSM Food Specialties; Anne Bridges, AACC International; Lindsay Guerdrum, New Belgium Brewing Co.
Celiac disease affects about 1% of the Western population, including both children and adults, making it one of the largest food sensitivities in the world. It has been estimated that as many as 1 in 133 persons living in the United States have celiac disease; this does not include the vast number of Americans who are gluten-intolerant. It has been assumed that because beer is derived from material containing the prolamin fractions responsible for triggering an immune response, it is unsuitable for the gluten-intolerant and those with celiac disease to drink. In this workshop, we discuss issues surrounding gluten in beer.
Recent Developments on Gluten Detection in Foods & Beverages
Proline-Specific Endo Protease—New application
Production of Gluten Free Beer Using Malted Barley
Gluten-free Beer Production Using Gluten-free Grains
Gluten Labeling Regulatory Status

Workshop: Hops: The Age-Old Seasoning and Flavoring “Soul of Beer”
Presenters: Michael Qian, Oregon State University; Tom Shellhammer, Oregon State University; Ruslan Hofmann, VLB Berlin; Mark Zunkel, Barth Innovations
The influence of hops on the flavor and stability characteristics of beer is under ongoing research. In this workshop chaired by Roland Folz, the latest developments and research results on how to preserve fine quality—from the hop yard to the final beer—are presented and discussed, touching on economic impacts as well as analytical and technological challenges. Join us for a global view on analytical streams, including upcoming methodologies focusing on time-saving and higher throughput applications for quality assurance purposes. Furthermore, presentations on technological advances linked to new analytical results within the hop supply chain are detailed up to the effect of the process in the final beer, including research excursions to aroma transfer by dry-hopping and sensorial approaches in different consumer presentations/packaging.
Flavor Chemistry of Hop
Energy and Quality Aspects of Hop Drying
Harvest Maturity of Cascade and Willamette Hops

Workshop: Indigenous Spirits Journey
Steve Wright, Spiritech Solutions Inc.
Join Steve on a “spirited” journey of popular indigenous distilled spirits of the Americas. From north to south, beginning in Canada and finishing in Chile, you will be introduced to the origins and traditions, as well as the science and technology, of a variety of distilled spirits. Here you will learn the impacts of various substrates, unique fermentation styles, and different maturation techniques on the composition, aroma, and taste of some of your (or at least some of Steve's) favorite spirits.

Workshop: Media Selection
Presenter: Lynette Kruger, Siebel Institute
A special thanks to White Labs, Inc. for providing the microscope for this session.
In the 1989 film “Field of Dreams” the novice farmer, played by Kevin Costner, hears a voice that whispers, “If you build it, they will come.” Similarly, in the brewing industry many ask themselves, “If I plate it, will it grow?” The main objectives of this workshop are to demonstrate the best practices surrounding the standard plate count method and to demystify the science behind media selection. There is also an opportunity to review some basic techniques in microscopy and have an open dialog regarding the pros/cons and best practices surrounding these topics.

Workshop: Quality Management
Presenters: Rob Fraser, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Darren Goodlin, Anheuser-Busch; Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery; Luke Chadwick, Bell’s Brewery Inc.; Fred Strachan, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Shawn Theriot, Deschutes Brewery
All breweries, large or small, strive to make the best quality beer possible. This workshop focuses on the common quality challenges each of these breweries face and provides an open forum for discussion of ideas and solutions that may/have impacted quality in a positive way. Topics discussed include lab instrumentation, in-line instrumentation, HACCP, package coding, lab data management, brewery sanitizers, glass quality, and more. This session is geared for quality managers, experienced lab technicians, brewers, and packaging managers.
Quality Management
Inline Instrumentation

Workshop: Water Quality and Beer Styles
Presenters: Patricia Pratt, MillerCoors; Toby Eppard, MillerCoors; Sue Thompson, MillerCoors
This workshop demonstrates the linkages between water chemistry and water quality as well as their impact on beer flavor and styles. An array of waters and different beers are tasted to highlight water’s impactful nature. Join us for a discussion on what makes beers in different regions and geographies uniquely flavorful!