A glimpse of craft beer over the past 6 years through large scale analytical testing

Analytical Session
Kara M Taylor, White Labs

ABSTRACT: For the past six years, White Labs, Inc. has once a year performed large scale laboratory testing on craft beer with our Big QC Day program. This analytical testing of beer provides the customer with values such as ABV, diacetyl, bitterness units, attenuation values, color, calories, and microbiological contaminants. Each year over 500 samples are submitted for analysis from craft breweries all over the United States and some internationally. Questions regarding increases in quality control, sanitation, and adherence to style guidelines can be answered through analysis of six years of craft beer laboratory testing. Additionally, correlations between analytes can be drawn, such as the affect of pH, alcohol, IBU, and microbial contaminants. By collecting data from every region and for a long span of time, we can evaluate how craft beer has changed stylistically, regionally, and overall.

Kara Taylor received a B.S. degree in biology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She began employment at White Labs in San Diego, CA, in 2009 as a yeast laboratory technician. Since January 2011, she has functioned as the Analytical laboratory specialist in White Lab’s new analytical laboratory. She is a member of MBAA and ASBC and serves on multiple subcommittees.