The foaming properties of pale and specialty malts

Technical Session 20: Finishing and Stability Session
Alexander L Combe, University of California, Davis, CA, USA
Co-author(s): Charles Bamforth, University of California, Davis, CA, USA

ABSTRACT: Dogma holds that the use of certain specialty malts is to the advantage of beer foam stability. A diversity of such materials have been investigated for their foam stabilizing capabilities compared to reference pale malts. Substantial differences were observed between the various materials, and it seems that the ability to enhance foam is very different between malts. Indeed some appeared to have a foam-destabilizing effect. The reasons why will be explained.

Alex Combe is originally from New Orleans, LA, but he spent his high-school years in Houston, TX. He obtained his B.S. degree (with honors) in mechanical engineering from Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College in 2009. He is pursuing his M.S. degree in food science at UC Davis.