Future brewery concepts and upcoming streams

Technical Session 12: Engineering Session
Roland Folz, VLB-Berlin, Seestr. 13, 13353 Berlin, Germany

ABSTRACT: Studies to investigate the right strategic behavior for breweries to invest into the future under the premises of performance and technological behavior and their quality impact have been carried out. Trials were performed in pilot scale as well as in industrial applications. Results for different approaches that can be considered as cutting-edge technology will be presented, and different concepts of how brewing can change will be discussed. On the organizational level this includes the application of lean manufacturing and the calculation of overall process times compared to value added time in the different production steps, while at the same time being able to keep a necessary flexibility over the supply chain. The planning of future green fields will include technology that is not yet fully proven; presented small scale results can provide direction. Sustainability considerations will include alternative energy usage and reduction of solid waste. Results will be presented for new technology across production, including continuous production segments, changes in filtration and stabilization, packaging in alternative formats, and process control management. A holistic view will be created of current innovations, as well as possibilities that can have an impact on future brewing in order to help brand owners decide on new possibilities based on independent technological results.

Roland Folz apprenticed as a brewer and maltster at the Beck’s Brewery in Bremen, Germany. After working another year for the Beck’s Brewery, he started his studies in Berlin and received a diploma engineer degree in brewing technology from the Technical University, Berlin. After graduation, he was head of the Technical Department/Production at the Preussen Pils Brewery in Pritzwalk, Germany, for two years. In October 2006, he started at VLB-Berlin as a global consultant for brewing and beverage technology, working in the Engineering and Packaging Department as the specialist for the Filling Department, where he performed his Ph.D. research in beer in PET. With regard to his consulting practice, he is involved in teaching and research projects and the internationalization of VLB. Since autumn 2008, Roland has been head of the Department of Brewing & Beverage Technology and Applications at VLB-Berlin. This department includes the education and teaching programs of VLB, as well as the research activities regarding technological topics, global consulting, analytics, and services. Since 2012, the microbiological laboratory and research programs of VLB are part of this department. Since 2010, Roland has also headed the Labotec GmbH, which is a subsidiary of VLB and is working with laboratory equipment, supplying turn-key laboratories on a global scale.