Brewery wastewater recycling: A case study

Technical Session 07: Sustainability Session
Michael Eumann, EUWA Water Treatment Plants, Gaertringen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

ABSTRACT: Pushed forward by ambitious sustainability targets wastewater recycling in breweries is getting more and more ready for implementation. These plants usually include germ-safe filtration, like micro- or even better ultrafiltration, followed by reverse osmosis treatment for desalination. Nevertheless, due to the raw water composition and compared to normal water treatment, some very specific points, especially regarding the pretreatment of the reverse osmosis, have to be adhered to. This presentation provides deep insight into the topic, starting from the basics elaborated in pilot trials, coping with the design and planning phase of the whole project, and finally resulting in the commissioning of a large-scale plant sized for 100 m3/hr. Different points of use for recovered water are discussed in detail, considering technical, technological, and ethical aspects. Special focus is put on the impact on the residual wastewater, which may emerge to be the limiting factor. The impact on the overall water balance is shown, and the new limits for the overall water consumption figures are presented. Operation data and first-hand operation experience, as well as business figures, are given.

Michael Eumann, is the owner of EUWA Water Treatment Plants, Germany, which he joined in 1987. EUWA has one subsidiary in Singapore and customers in more than 100 countries on 5 continents. Michael is a well-known specialist in water treatment technology and holds numerous patents.