Malt manufacture: Being practically sustainable

Technical Session 07: Sustainability Session
Nigel L Davies, Manufacturing and Technical Director, Muntons, UK

ABSTRACT: It is untenable to simply say your factory is sustainable these days—you must prove in very practical ways that you are serious about making changes right along the supply chain. This paper looks at how a detailed analysis of its carbon footprint has lead the malting company Muntons to challenge the supply chain to adopt major changes in practice from farming to consumer and to make environmental assessment of carbon simple with easily recognizable actions. The benefits of being “green” and environmentally aware are shown to be financially viable and to develop competitive advantage. Opportunities to develop new products that are cost-effective and environmentally preferred are explained, along with the ability to work right across the supply chain to encourage and lead environmental excellence.

Nigel Davies is manufacturing and technical director of Muntons plc, a U.K.-based malting company and the largest producer of malted ingredients in the world. He has led Muntons to achieve numerous environmental accolades and developed a farming footprint calculator specifically for growers of malting barley. After earning his doctorate he lectured in biological sciences at London University before joining Brewing Research International (BRi), where he specialized in cereal physiology and pioneered the use of freezing-stage electron microscopy to study many different foods, becoming manager for confidential international malting and brewing projects. He is also experienced in flavor analysis of malts, beers, and wines and regularly acts as an expert witness in cases where food safety of cereals is at issue.