Techniques to reduce energy and water use in breweries

Sustainability Session
Gordon Jackson, Campden BRI, Coopers Hill Road, Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4HY, UK
Co-author(s): Gordon Jackson and Conor Donoghue, Campden BRI, Nutfield, UK

ABSTRACT: This paper presents data from recent projects to collect information on techniques used by brewers to minimize consumption of energy and water. It highlights some case studies from breweries using data collected in questionnaires sent to breweries worldwide. This includes examples of initiatives in brewing, packaging, and logistics plus initiatives at the national level. It also presents data from studies onsite, for example, using thermal imaging to detect areas of heat loss. Finally it reviews some recent process engineering technologies and changes in process operations that have led to reductions in energy and water use. There is already a lot of published data on energy and water use in breweries to identify best practices; the examples presented in this paper are designed to assist brewers in moving toward achieving best practices.

Conor Donoghue graduated from University College Dublin in 2010, obtaining a B.S. degree in environmental biology. After finishing at University College Dublin, Conor attended Heriot-Watt University, where he obtained an M.S. degree in brewing and distilling. Conor then joined Campden BRI as an environmental advisor in the Compliance and Environmental Department. At Campden BRI Conor has worked on projects benchmarking the environmental impacts of the brewing sector and finding best practices in energy and water use in the brewery.