Data on energy and water use in breweries

Sustainability Session
Gordon Jackson, Campden BRI, Coopers Hill Road, Nutfield, Surrey, RH1 4HY, UK
Co-author(s): Conor Donoghue and Anastassia Johnson, Campden BRI, Nutfield, UK; Fons Pennartz, KWA Business Consultants, Amersfoort, Netherlands

ABSTRACT: This paper presents the results of benchmarking of energy and water use at the main brewing and packaging process steps. This is based on recently collected data from a range of breweries around the world. Data is collected by questionnaires, and the results will be presented as mean values and ranges for key brewing and packaging steps. This will enable brewers to compare energy and water use at these key steps with similar operations in other breweries. It will therefore highlight the steps where efforts should be targeted to minimize usage and hence reduce costs. Most previous benchmarking studies have concentrated on total energy use (MJ/hL of beer) and total water use (Hl/hL); however, while this enables the brewer to compare performance overall it does not indicate which areas of the process should be concentrated on for improvements. Collecting data at the process level allows a like-for-like comparison of energy and water use and helps to target resources.

Gordon Jackson has worked at BRI (now Campden BRI) for more than 30 years. He has been involved with a range of different issues for breweries and has worked onsite in over a hundred breweries. He has been involved with environmental issues for breweries for many years, for example in projects to benchmark energy and water use. He has also been involved with carbon footprinting for breweries. He has given presentations on environmental issues at several key conferences.