Customizing sustainability through PET

Sustainability Session
Nigel Pritchard , Petainer - Peterborough, United Kingdom PE1 2TN

ABSTRACT: This presentation explores the consumption of the world’s resources from two perspectives, highlighting that we can live and work in a sustainable way. It reviews the key drivers for change and discusses the part that innovation in PET packaging and the development of new products and systems can and should play in sustainable development. It uses the examples of the PET keg and refillable bottle systems, highlighting that success will only come with the support, co-operation, and involvement of the whole supply chain, including the consumer.

Nigel Pritchard is group chief executive of Petainer UK Holdings, which acquired Rexam plc’s Petainer business in late 2009, backed by private equity companies Next Wave Partners, WHEB Partners, and KBC Private Equity. Petainer is a specialist plastics packaging technology business, an innovator in the design and manufacture of PET containers. Nigel has extensive experience with more than 20 years in the packaging industry, including holding senior positions in a number of sectors encompassing industrial plastics, custom molding, high-performance films, glass, and PET, one of the most exciting sectors within the packaging industry, with tremendous opportunity to shape the future and improve the sustainability and environmental performance of the segments it serves.