The role of reference standards in modern brewing chemistry

Finishing and Stability Session
John Laferty, ERC A Waters Co, Golden, CO, USA

ABSTRACT: For many industries, the use of analytical reference standards has always been a valuable tool for process/product quality control, and the brewing industry is no exception. As technology in the brewing community continues to advance, the use of chemical reference standards is becoming more commonplace for routine quality control, as well as to help solve brewing anomalies impacting flavor, quality, consistency, and stability. This poster presents case studies where chemical reference materials were used to identify and quantify constituents or by-product compounds that impacted the flavor and quality of beer. The importance of using quality chemical reference standards is paramount to a brewing laboratory’s success. Chemical reference standards should be obtained from ISO 17025/ISO Guide 34 accredited suppliers.

John Laferty received a B.A. degree in chemistry from the University of Colorado in 1982. He started working as an analytical chemist for Rocky Mountain Analytical Laboratories/Severn Trent Services and continued there until 2002. During this time, he held various positions, including chemist, laboratory group leader, customer service manager, and lab manager. Since 2002, he has worked at ERA, A Waters Company, as a product line manager.