Energy conservation decisions germane to the small brewery

Technical Session 19: Outside the Box Session
Jaime Jurado, Susquehanna Brewing Company, Pittston, PA, USA

ABSTRACT: America’s craft brewing heritage is enhanced by breweries investing in technical solutions to improve their environmental stewardship. The largest craft breweries may enjoy some advantages due to scale, as do large national breweries, but much can be done in small craft breweries using traditional tools of cost-benefit and payback evaluation. Focusing on possible energy decisions for the small artisanal brewery, an exploration of the choices for a new brewery versus a brewery evaluating a change or retrofit. Areas discussed include decisions addressing steam production and consumption, compressed air, refrigeration, cleaning and sanitation, microbiological beer stability, and packaging. Sample calculations are presented for a brewery initially built for 17,500 bbl/year but with a second phase of 40,000 bbl/year and final phase of 100,000 bbl/year.

Jaime Jurado is masterbrewer/operations partner for Susquehanna Brewing Company. His engineering degrees are in chemical and electrical engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels; he also did additional post-graduate work in medical engineering. He was educated in brewing as a Praktikant in the Bavarian breweries of Patrizier-Brau AG under the guidance of Peter Hellich and U. Ost and has been in professional brewing since 1983. Jaime served as director of brewing operations at The Gambrinus Company breweries for nearly 15 years until the end of 2011 and was at The Stroh Brewery Company prior to Gambrinus. He is a senior member of the AIChE, past chair of a 440-strong ACS section, and past president of MBAA.