The Food and Drug Act of 2010—What effects can we expect on the brewing industry?

Cleaning/Sanitation Session

ABSTRACT: With the passage of the U.S. Food and Drug Modernization Act of 2010, Congress has dictated stronger regulations for the food industry, with more frequent inspections demanded as well as product submission to independent laboratories on a regular basis to check for food safety. The costs of the inspections and laboratory submissions are to be borne by the company. If we add to this the breakup of ATF leaving TTB as the oversee agency of the Treasury Department, will the FDA return to the heavy demand for regulations and labeling requirements the agency tried to impose on the brewing industry during the latter half of the last century? We will attempt to evaluate the possible effects on the brewing industry.

David Radzanowski began his brewing career in 1962, joining the Duquesne Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, PA, after studying chemical engineering at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie Mellon University). After graduating with the 1970 Siebel Institute Diploma Class, David was named the associate supervising master brewer, sharing production responsibilities with the vice president of production. With the closing of the Duquesne brewery, David joined the Joseph Huber Brewing Company of Monroe, WI, in 1973 as director of QC and assistant master brewer, eventually becoming master brewer and vice president of production. In 1992, David joined the Siebel Institute of Technology as vice president of educational services, becoming president of the institute in 1998, serving until 2000. In 2000, David and his colleagues joined Alltech Inc., resulting in the formation of the Alltech Institute of Brewing and Distilling (AIBD) in conjunction with Herriot-Watt University. With Alltech, David had a dual role as technical manager for Asia-Pacific, covering brewing, ethanol production, and distilling, and as administrator of educational services of AIBD. He is now president of Radzan Associates, offering services to the brewing, distilling, and ethanol industries.