​Beer Quality Challenge​


Can You Hit Spec? 

​What is the Beer Quality Challenge?

The ASBC Beer Quality Challenge is an opportunity for breweries to take advantage of ASBC's experience and reputation by testing their capabilities for brewing a recipe to specifications. Breweries that meet specs will be recognized by the ASBC and those that don't will gain experience and have access to resources to grow their quality program.

ow does it work?

Breweries brew their own recipe, using their own ingredients and facility, aiming for the Brewers Association specifications for an American pale ale. Samples of the brew are sent to a validated university laboratory for testing. Results are shared with the brewery and winners are recognized by ASBC. If your brew is within the specification range (see below), you will be recognized by ASBC and receive a sticker to display proudly in your brew hall or taproom.

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Why should YOU participate?

For 70 years ASBC has been at the forefront of quality in brewing, providing resources and education to advance and improve the science of brewing. This is your opportunity to be recognized by ASBC for the quality of your brews.

Bragging rights

If your brew meets the specs your brewery will be recognized by ASBC and your brewery will receive a sticker to display in your brewery or tap room. Your branding gets them through the door but your quality keeps them coming back.

Valuable insights

The Beer Quality Challenge will give you insight into your quality program by testing your ability to meet the specifications for a given recipe. ASBC members have access to resources and a support network to grow your quality program.


Registration will open soon with the challenge beginning in early 2024!

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Target Specifications

Breweries should submit samples of an American Pale Ale, aiming for the following specifications.

Alcohol by Volume: 4.0%-4.8%
Bitterness (IBU): 20-28
Color SRM: 11-18
pH: 4.4-4.6

Lab Results

Participating laboratories at universities are validated by ASBC and are located around the country, minimizing shipping costs and distances and allowing breweries to make connections with local brewing education and lab testing programs.