Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists
Volume Year 2017

  • Number 1
    • High Phenolic Beer Inhibits Protein Glycation In Vitro
      Susan M. Elrod, Phillip Greenspan, and Erik H. Hofmeister
      Pages 1-5.

    • Mosaic (HBC 369): A New Flavor Hop Variety
      Gene Probasco, Jason Perrault, Scott Varnum, and David Hysert
      Pages 6-10.

    • Derivation and Application of a Simultaneous Volatile Formation and Stripping Kinetics Equation for Wort Boiling
      Z. S. C. Desobgo, R. A. Stafford, and D. J. A. Metcalfe
      Pages 11-21.

    • Aroma Properties of Lager Beer Dry-Hopped with Oxidized Hops
      Daniel M. Vollmer, Victor Algazzali, and Thomas H. Shellhammer
      Pages 22-26.

    • Influence of Ethyl Esters, Oxygenated Terpenes, and Aliphatic γ- and δ-Lactones (C9–12) on Beer Fruit Aroma
      Rachel A. Hotchko and Thomas H. Shellhammer
      Pages 27-34.

    • NOTE: Advancing Flavor Stability Improvements in Different Beer Types Using Novel Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Area and Forced Beer Aging Methods
      Laura Marques, Maydelin Hernandez Espinosa, William Andrews, and Robert T. Foster II
      Pages 35-40.

    • Hop Constituents Suppress the Formation of 3-Methylbutanal and 2-Furfural in Wort-Like Model Solutions
      Philip C. Wietstock, Matthias Baldus, Magdalena Öhlschläger, and Frank-Jürgen Methner
      Pages 41-51.

    • Volatility of Benzaldehyde in Water/Wort
      Hans Scheuren and Karl Sommer
      Pages 52-57.

    • Acknowledgment of ASBC Journal Referees for 2016
      Pages 58-58.

  • Number 2
    • BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW: Jamaica, Modification, Justice, and Industry
      Geoff H. O. Palmer
      Pages 59-84.

    • Comparisons of Modern U.S. and Canadian Malting Barley Cultivars with Those from Pre-Prohibition: Malt Extract and Osmolyte Concentration
      Stanley H. Duke, Cynthia A. Henson, and Harold E. Bockelman
      Pages 85-92.

    • Contributions of Select Hopping Regimes to the Terpenoid Content and Hop Aroma Profile of Ale and Lager Beers
      Daniel C. Sharp, Yanping Qian, Gina Shellhammer, and Thomas H. Shellhammer
      Pages 93-100.

    • Examination of Glycoside Hydrolysis Methods for the Determination of Terpenyl Glycoside Contents of Different Hop Cultivars
      Daniel C. Sharp, Daniel M. Vollmer, YanPing Qian, and Thomas H. Shellhammer
      Pages 101-108.

    • Study on Proanthocyanidin-Rich Beer
      Wenjuan Zhao, Yang Song, and Guangtian Zhou
      Pages 109-115.

    • Malting Sorghum with Aspergillus oryzae Enhances Gluten-Free Wort Yield and Extract
      Erick Heredia-Olea, Enrique Cortés-Ceballos, and Sergio O. Serna-Saldívar
      Pages 116-121.

    • Dry Hopping with the Dual-Purpose Varieties Amarillo, Citra, Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, and Sorachi Ace: Minor Contribution of Hop Terpenol Glucosides to Beer Flavors
      Marie-Lucie Kankolongo Cibaka, Carlos Silva Ferreira, Laura Decourrière, Celso-José Lorenzo-Alonso, Etienne Bodart, and Sonia Collin
      Pages 122-129.

    • Evaluation of the Potential Production of Ethanol by Candida zemplinina Yeast with Regard to Beer Fermentation
      Waldir D. Estela-Escalante, Mario Moscosa-Santillán, José E. González-Ramírez, and Sergio Rosales-Mendoza
      Pages 130-135.

    • Microbial Diversity in Daqu During Production of Luzhou-Flavored Liquor
      Jian-Gang Yang, Xiao Dou, Pei-Jie Han, Feng-Yan Bai, Jian Zhou, Su-Yi Zhang, Hui Qin, and Ying-Ying Ma
      Pages 136-144.

    • Optimization of the Wort Boiling Process by Refeeding Wort Below the Surface
      Hans Scheuren and Michael Dillenburger
      Pages 145-148.

    • Analysis of Monoterpenol Isomers in Hops and Beers: Comparison of Methods with a Chiral Column and a Nonchiral Column
      Wei Jiang, Deliang Wang, Youru Wu, Zhiping Lin, Lina Wang, Lu Wang, Jie Huangfu, Martin Pavlovic, and Pavel Dostalek
      Pages 149-155.

    • Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity Level in Commercial Mexican Lager Beers
      Guillermo Niño-Medina, Juan Diego Romo-Longoria, Isabel Valentina Ramírez-González, Oscar Oziel Martínez-Reyna, and Vania Urías-Orona
      Pages 156-158.

  • Number 3
    • REVIEW: The Bitter, Twisted Truth of the Hop: 50 Years of Hop Chemistry
      Patrick L. Ting and David S. Ryder
      Pages 161-180.

    • Fusarium Profiling and Barley Malt Gushing Propensity
      Vertti Virkajärvi, Tuija Sarlin, and Arja Laitila
      Pages 181-192.

    • Analyzing Differences in Freshness of SA-1 Hops by Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Combined with Chemometrics
      Zechang Liu, Liping Wang, and Yumei Liu
      Pages 193-200.

    • Flavor Contribution of Esters in Lager Beers and an Analysis of Their Flavor Thresholds
      Yang Xu, Deliang Wang, Hong Li, JianQin Hao, Wei Jiang, Zhushui Liu, and Qian Qin
      Pages 201-206.

    • Sour Brewing: Impact of Lactobacillus amylovorus FST2.11 on Technological and Quality Attributes of Acid Beers
      Lorenzo C. Peyer, Martin Zarnkow, Fritz Jacob, David P. De Schutter, and Elke K. Arendt
      Pages 207-216.

    • Model Solution as a Beer Foam Standard Should Contain Fatty Acids
      Petr Kosin, Jan Savel, Tomas Branyik, and Filip Ulmann
      Pages 217-220.

    • Ethanol Content Has Little Effect on the Sensory Orthonasal Detection Threshold of Hop Compounds in Beer
      Meghan Peltz and Thomas Shellhammer
      Pages 221-227.

    • Investigation of 2-Sulfanylethyl Acetate Cysteine-S-Conjugate as a Potential Precursor of Free Thiols in Beer
      Marie-Lucie Kankolongo Cibaka, Thi Thu Hang Tran, Jacques Gros, Raphaël Robiette, and Sonia Collin
      Pages 228-235.

    • Mechanical Characterization of Individual Brewing Yeast Cells Using Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS): Cell Rupture Force and Stiffness
      Bruno Barazani, Stephan Warnat, Ted Hubbard, and Andrew J. MacIntosh
      Pages 236-243.

    • Impact of Extracellular Osmolality on Saccharomyces Yeast Populations During Brewing Fermentations
      Shiwen Zhuang, Katherine Smart, and Chris Powell
      Pages 244-254.

    • Comparative Study of Limit Dextrinase Potential of Three Sorghum Cultivars (Safrari, Madjeru, and S.35)
      A. C. Nguemogne, Z. S. C. Desobgo, and E. J. Nso
      Pages 255-261.

    • Reduction of Hordein Content in Beer by Applying Prolyl Endoprotease to the Malting Process
      Joshua P. Taylor, Fritz Jacob, Emanuele Zannini, and Elke K. Arendt
      Pages 262-268.

    • Modeling of Dimethyl Sulfide Stripping Behavior When Applying Delayed Onset of Boiling During Wort Boiling
      Z. S. C. Desobgo, R. A. Stafford, and D. J. A. Metcalfe
      Pages 269-275.

    • Profiling of Hop-Derived Flavan-3-ols from Lager Beer in Relation to Hopping Technology
      Patricia M. Aron and Thomas H. Shellhammer
      Pages 276-282.

  • Number 4
    • BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW: A Happy, Hoppy Odyssey: From a Flavorsome Hobby to a Dream Job
      Denis De Keukeleire
      Pages 283-301.

    • Comparison of Diastatic Power Enzyme Release and Persistence During Modified Institute of Brewing 65°C and Congress Programmed Mashes
      D. Evan Evans and Glen P. Fox
      Pages 302-311.

    • Distribution of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus in a Brewery Environment
      Jorge Hugo Garcia-Garcia, Luis J. Galán-Wong, Benito Pereyra-Alférez, Luis C. Damas-Buenrostro, Esmeralda Pérez, and Juan Carlos Cabada
      Pages 312-317.

    • Rapid Screening Method for Phenolic Off-Flavor (POF) Production in Yeast
      Stijn Mertens, Jan Steensels, Brigida Gallone, Ben Souffriau, Philippe Malcorps, and Kevin J. Verstrepen
      Pages 318-323.

    • Impact of Gaseous Carbon Dioxide and Boiling Power on Dimethyl Sulfide Stripping Behavior During Wort Boiling
      Z. S. C. Desobgo, R. A. Stafford, D. T. Ndinteh, D. J. A. Metcalfe, and R. Meijboom
      Pages 324-332.

    • Rapid Determination of Humulones and Isohumulones in Beers Using MISER LC-MS Analysis
      Bruce C. Hamper, Kerstin Zawatzky, Vivian Zhang, and Christopher J. Welch
      Pages 333-338.

    • Detection of a Hop-Tolerance Gene horA Insertion Variant in Lactic Acid Bacteria That Results in a Truncated HorA Lacking the Walker B Motif Necessary for Transport Function
      Jordyn Bergsveinson, Ilkka Kajala, Scott Goerzen, and Barry Ziola
      Pages 339-344.

    • Effects of Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Variety and Growing Environment on Beer Flavor
      D. Herb, T. Filichkin, S. Fisk, L. Helgerson, P. Hayes, B. Meints, R. Jennings, R. Monsour, S. Tynan, K. Vinkemeier, I. Romagosa, M. Moscou, D. Carey, R. Thiel, L. Cistue, C. Martens, and W. Thomas
      Pages 345-353.

    • Malt Modification and Its Effects on the Contributions of Barley Genotype to Beer Flavor
      D. Herb, T. Filichkin, S. Fisk, L. Helgerson, P. Hayes, A. Benson, V. Vega, D. Carey, R. Thiel, L. Cistue, R. Jennings, R. Monsour, S. Tynan, K. Vinkemeier, Y. Li, A. Nguygen, A. Onio, B. Meints, M. Moscou, I. Romagosa, and W. Thomas
      Pages 354-362.

    • Toward Understanding the Bitterness of Dry-Hopped Beer
      Ellen Parkin and Thomas Shellhammer
      Pages 363-368.

    • Effect of Dilute Alkaline Steeping on Mold Contamination, Toxicity, and Nutritive Value of Maize Malt
      Marko M. Jauković, Veselinka M. Zečević, Slavica Ž. Stanković, Vesna S. Krnjaja, Tanja S. Nikić , Stanislava M. Bailović, and Jelena I. Tadić
      Pages 369-373.

  • Supplement - Technical Committee & Subcommittee Reports