Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists
Volume Year 2015

  • Number 1
    • BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW: Seduced by Yeast
      Graham G. Stewart
      Pages 1-21.

    • Use of Exogenous Enzymes and Process Management to Improve the Shelf Life of Traditional Opaque Beer
      Sorelle D. Nsogning, Martin Zarnkow, Thomas Becker, Alexander Merz, and Sven Schönenberg
      Pages 22-28.

    • Identification of Malting Quality QTLs in Advanced Generation Breeding Germplasm
      Duke Pauli, Gina Brown-Guedira, and Thomas K. Blake
      Pages 29-40.

    • Pilot Plant Production of Low-Alcohol Beer by Osmotic Distillation
      Giovanni De Francesco, Valeria Sileoni, Ombretta Marconi, and Giuseppe Perretti
      Pages 41-48.

    • Measuring the Emotional Response to Beer and the Relative Impact of Sensory and Packaging Cues
      C. Chaya, J. Pacoud, M. Ng, A. Fenton, and J. Hort
      Pages 49-60.

    • Polyfunctional Thiols in Fresh and Aged Belgian Special Beers: Fate of Hop S-Cysteine Conjugates
      Thi Thu Hang Tran, Marie-Lucie Kankolongo Cibaka, and Sonia Collin
      Pages 61-70.

    • HPLC Bottom-Up MS-Based Proteomics for Mapping of Specific Proteins in Several European Spring Barley Varieties
      Dana Flodrová, Dagmar Benkovská, Markéta Laštovičková, and Janette Bobálová
      Pages 71-77.

    • Simultaneous Determination of Maltooligosaccharides in Beer Using HPLC-ELSD and Their Influence on Beer Foam Stability
      Xi Chen, Jinjing Wang, and Qi Li
      Pages 78-83.

    • Dimethyl Sulfide Stripping Behavior During Wort Boiling Using Response Surface Methodology
      Zangué S. C. Desobgo, R. A. Stafford, and D. J. A. Metcalfe
      Pages 84-89.

    • An Improved Model for Prediction of Wort Fermentation Progress and Total Diacetyl Profile
      Kristoffer Krogerus, Brian Gibson, and Eemeli Hytönen
      Pages 90-99.

    • Exploring the Binding Behavior of Beer Staling Aldehydes in Model Systems
      Jeroen J. Baert, Jessika De Clippeleer, Luc De Cooman, and Guido Aerts
      Pages 100-108.

    • Acknowledgment of ASBC Journal Referees for 2014
      Pages 109-109.

  • Number 2
    • Comparative Study of the Contribution of Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Hard Resins Extracted from Different Hop Varieties to Beer Quality Parameters
      Cynthia Almaguer, Martina Gastl, Elke K. Arendt, and Thomas Becker
      Pages 115-123.

    • HPLC Method for Determining the Formaldehyde Content of Beer
      Weisheng Hu, Dongfeng Wang, and Hong Li
      Pages 124-129.

    • Effect of Cellulase-Producing Bacteria on Enzyme Activity and Ester Production in Fermented Grains of Chinese Liquor
      Jianhua Guo and Shiru Jia
      Pages 130-136.

    • Determination of Purines in Beer by HPLC Using a Simple and Rapid Sample Pretreatment
      Hong Li, Fang Liu, Jianqin Hao, and Changshu Liu
      Pages 137-142.

    • Effect of Growth Conditions on Flocculation and Cell Surface Hydrophobicity of Brewing Yeast
      Jana Kopecká, Miroslav Němec, Dagmar Matoulková, Pavel Čejka, Markéta Jelínková, Jürgen Felsberg, and Karel Sigler
      Pages 143-150.

    • Determination of Linalool in Different Hop Varieties Using a New Method Based on Fluidized-Bed Extraction with Gas Chromatographic–Mass Spectrometric Detection
      Karel Štěrba, Pavel Čejka, Jiří Čulík, Marie Jurková, Karel Krofta, Martin Pavlovič, Alexander Mikyška, and Jana Olšovská
      Pages 151-158.

    • Characterization of Hop Acids in Spent Brewer’s Yeast from Craft and Multinational Sources
      Robert W. “Rusty” Bryant and Seth D. Cohen
      Pages 159-164.

    • Determination of the Energy Value of Beer
      Jana Olšovská, Karel Štěrba, Martin Pavlovič, and Pavel Čejka
      Pages 165-169.

    • Comparison of Foam Analysis Methods and the Impact of Beer Components on Foam Stability
      Christoph Neugrodda, Martina Gastl, and Thomas Becker
      Pages 170-178.

    • Uptake and Release of Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, and Zn During Beer Production
      P. C. Wietstock, T. Kunz, H. Waterkamp, and F.-J. Methner
      Pages 179-184.

    • Novel Desaturation Cell to Quantify Gushing Intensity: A Preliminary Study on Model Solutions
      Pavel Novak, Michaela Postulkova, Marek C. Ruzicka, and Tomas Branyik
      Pages 185-189.

    • Optimizing Semisimultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation for Ethanol Production from Chinese Distiller’s Spent Grains
      Zheng-Yun Wu, Jian Yang, Yue-Hong Liu, Yin-Zhao Wang, Wen-Xue Zhang, and Yu Deng
      Pages 190-194.

    • Comparison of Factors Involved in Starch Degradation in Barley Germination Under Laboratory and Malting Conditions
      Marcus A. Vinje, Stanley H. Duke, and Cynthia A. Henson
      Pages 195-205.

  • Number 3
    • BIOGRAPHICAL REVIEW: Wallowing with the Yeasts Used to Make Alcohol
      W. M. Ingledew
      Pages 209-222.

    • Nonbrewing Applications of Malted Cereals, Pseudocereals, and Legumes: A Review
      Outi E. Mäkinen and Elke K. Arendt
      Pages 223-227.

    • Use of Polyphenol-Rich Hop Products to Reduce Sunstruck Flavor in Beer
      Alicia Munoz-Insa, Martina Gastl, and Thomas Becker
      Pages 228-235.

    • Technological Factors Influencing Buffering Capacity of Wort
      Hong Li, Fang Liu, Gabriella Kun-Farkas, and Zsuzsanna Kiss
      Pages 236-239.

    • Influence of Strike Water Alkalinity and Hardness on Mash pH
      Roger Barth and Rameez Zaman
      Pages 240-242.

    • Further Elucidation of Beer Flavor Instability: The Potential Role of Cysteine-Bound Aldehydes
      Jeroen J. Baert, Jessika De Clippeleer, Barbara Jaskula-Goiris, Filip Van Opstaele, Gert De Rouck, Guido Aerts, and Luc De Cooman
      Pages 243-252.

    • Fundamental Study on the Impact of Transglutaminase on Hordein Levels in Beer
      Joshua P. Taylor, Fritz Jacob, and Elke K. Arendt
      Pages 253-260.

    • Quantitative Analysis of Flavor Volatiles in Beer Using Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography–Flame Ionization Detection (HS-SPME-GC-FID)
      Hong Li, Fang Liu, Gabriella Kun-Farkas, and Zsuzsanna Kiss
      Pages 261-265.

    • Analysis of Selected Aldehydes in Packaged Beer by Solid-Phase Microextraction (SPME)–Gas Chromatography (GC)–Negative Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry (NCIMS)
      Roman M. Ortiz
      Pages 266-274.

    • Changes in Organic Acids During Beer Fermentation
      Hong Li and Fang Liu
      Pages 275-279.

    • Effect of Vessel Wettability on the Foamability of “Ideal” Surfactants and “Real-World” Beer Heads
      Christopher A. E. Hamlett, John D. Wallis, Robert J. Pugh, and David J. Fairhurst
      Pages 280-286.

    • Effect of Protease Treatment During Mashing on Protein-Derived Thiol Content and Flavor Stability of Beer During Storage
      Marianne N. Lund, Mikael A. Petersen, Mogens L. Andersen, and Christina Lunde
      Pages 287-295.

    • Beer Analysis Check Service
      Pages 296-297.

    • Barley Analysis Check Service
      Pages 298-298.

    • Hop Analysis Check Service
      Pages 299-299.

    • Malt Analysis Check Service
      Pages 300-300.

  • Number 4
    • Growth Study, Metabolite Development, and Organoleptic Profile of a Malt-Based Substrate Fermented by Lactic Acid Bacteria
      Lorenzo C. Peyer, Emanuele Zannini, Fritz Jacob, and Elke K. Arendt
      Pages 303-313.

    • Simple HPLC Method for Determining the Glycerol Content of Beer
      Hong Li, Xinglin Han, Fang Liu, Gabriella Kun-Farkas, and Zsuzsanna Kiss
      Pages 314-317.

    • Effect of the Use of Thermoplastic Extruded Corn or Sorghum Starches on the Brewing Performance of Lager Beers
      Enrique Cortés-Ceballos, Yazel Nava-Valdez, Esther Pérez-Carrillo, and Sergio O. Serna-Saldívar
      Pages 318-322.

    • Interactions Between Dissolved β-Glucans and Medium-Chain Fatty Acid Ethyl Esters in Model Beer Solution and Their Impact on Filterability
      M. Kupetz, M. Zarnkow, B. Sacher, and T. Becker
      Pages 323-330.

    • Dissolved Carbon Dioxide Selects for Lactic Acid Bacteria Able to Grow In and Spoil Packaged Beer
      Jordyn Bergsveinson, Anna Redekop, Sheree Zoerb, and Barry Ziola
      Pages 331-338.

    • Validation of a Film Evaporator as a Wort Boiling System
      Hans Scheuren, Karl Sommer, Frank-Jürgen Methner, and Michael Dillenburger
      Pages 339-342.

    • Upgraded Model of Primary Gushing: From Nanobubble Formation Until Liquid Expulsion
      Mohammadreza Khalesi, Sylvie Deckers, David Riveros-Galan, Kurt Gebruers, and Guy Derdelinckx
      Pages 343-346.

    • Manipulation of Conditions During Wort Collection in Production-Scale Fermentations to Regulate Volatile Ester Synthesis as an Aid to Product Matching for Multisite Brewing
      Terry W. Bilverstone, Rod White, and Chris A. Boulton
      Pages 347-353.

    • Vaporization of DMS Influenced by Foam
      Hans Scheuren, Simon Henke, B. Haeffner, Karl Sommer, and Michael Dillenburger
      Pages 354-356.

    • Effect of Dilute Alkaline Steeping on Mold Contamination, Toxicity, and Quality Parameters of Buckwheat Malt
      Marko M. Jauković, Veselinka V. Zečević, Jelena Z. Bošković, Tanja S. Nikić, Lidija Ž. Prodanović, and Nela V. Samailović
      Pages 357-361.

    • 2014–2015 Report of the Technical Committee
      M. Eurich
      Pages 362-364.

    • Malt Color—Rapid Microwave Method Subcommittee Report
      E. Roberts
      Pages 365-366.

    • Coordination of New and Alternate Methods of Analysis Subcommittee Report
      J. Palausky
      Pages 367-368.

    • Packaging Subcommittee Annual Meeting Report
      S. Brendecke
      Pages 369-369.

    • Phenolic Yeast Detection Subcommittee Report
      Trevor Crowley
      Pages 369-369.

    • Determination of Wheat Protein in Beer by FASPEK Wheat/Gluten (Gliadin) ELISA Kit II (2014 BCOJ Report)
      T. Watanabe
      Pages 370-371.

    • Author and Subject Indexes
      Pages 372-373.