​​Green Chemistry & Beer: Implementing Green Chemistry in Beer Quality | ASBC Webinar

Broadcast Date: October 25, 2022

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Webinar Summary

Environmentally conscious beer scientists will be introduced to the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. Dive into common quality methods and explore how each can be improved to prevent waste, become more energy efficient, or create a safer workspace. The astute audience will be able to apply these Principles to the wider range of brewing and cellaring processes. Learn about the additional benefits of implementing Green Chemistry within the beer lab.


  • Gained an understanding of the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and how to implement them in a brewery.
  • Increased safety, decreased waste output, and reduced carbon footprint of the brewing laboratory - all of which reduce costs to the brewery.
  • Digital SOPs for all methods discussed.
  • Digital Wishlist of all equipment and instruments discussed.
  • Resources for continued education.​


  • The 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and their direct applications to brewing and brewing science. 
  • Introduce environmentally alternative solutions to common brewing science methods, providing actionable examples (eg. IBU reduced solvent method, microwaving media). 
  • Will be aware of the environmental, safety, and financial benefits of utilizing Green Chemistry in the brewery. They will be aware of actionable changes and costs of adoption. 
  • Able to explain the goals of Green Chemistry, how they can be applied to the beer quality lab, and the benefits of Green Chemistry adoption. ​


About the Presenter

Dana Garves
​Oregon BrewLab​

Dana Garves has led an impressive career as a CEO and beer chemist in her decade-plus career in the brewing industry. Serving as the founder and CEO at Oregon BrewLab, she is on a mission to provide affordable, fast, precise, and federally accurate testing services to the fermentation industry. Through her commitment to brewing, test, and perfect, Garves has helped more than 500 beer, cider, seltzer, kombucha brewers, and spirit distillers improve their craft and create the best damn products they can. She is passionate about beer science education and has developed multiple sensory classes taught all over Oregon and Washington for brewery staff and beer enthusiasts. 

Before founding Oregon BrewLab, Garves launched the quality program at Ninkasi Brewing, helping the brewery establish micro and chemical testing, sensory panel, quality control, and assurance measures. Before joining the Ninkasi Brewing team, Garves was a water chemist at ALG laboratories. Garves obtained her BS in Chemistry from the University of Oregon with an emphasis in Green Chemistry.