Launching NEXT​  An Innovation Program at McCain​​​​​

​Broadcast Date: March 22, 2017 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CsT

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​Webinar Summary​​

McCain Foods Limited’s R&D team recently launched an innovation platform called NEXT. The purpose of the NEXT team is to unlock science and technology opportunities for the business using an open innovation approach. The objective of the presentation is to chronicle McCain’s journey in creating the NEXT innovation program, and provide insight into techniques and tactics that have led to the program’s internal success. Creation of the platform has also uncovered hurdles and barriers in developing an innovation program. This is not meant to be an innovation “How To” session, but to provide the listener with information from McCain’s experiences developing an innovation platform. Seeing behind the curtains of this journey will hopefully provide insights and ideas to stimulate the listeners’ own innovation efforts big or small.

If you are someone who has an interest in Innovation (R&D, Innovation team members), this webinar is for you!

What attendees will take away:

  • What does open innovation mean to McCain Foods
  • What worked for McCain in creating the innovation platform
  • What didn’t work for McCain – potential watch outs or lessons for others

About the Presenters

Joseph Lake

Joseph Lake
McCain Foods Limited

Joseph Lake is Manager, Global Sciences at McCain Foods. His varied educational background has provided diverse opportunities from the world of whales to the microcosm of brewing yeast. Joseph leapt at the opportunity to work on French fries and has held various technical management roles with McCain Foods. Currently, Joseph is coordinating McCain Food’s NEXT program, a global innovation platform targeting transformational growth.​