Spring 2018 Update

As we hit the midway point between the 2017 ASBC Annual Meeting in Florida and Brewing Summit in August 2018, I want to update the membership on some current ASBC activities. Regular readers of The Buzz will already be aware that we have recently launched some exciting new activities as we strive to develop content that meets the needs of the membership. However, in case these have slipped by unnoticed, here are some major new initiatives unveiled in the last few weeks...



Join the Research Council

The newly formed ASBC Research Council aims to fund scientific projects related to the brewing and/or allied industries. The Research Council will be composed of members from the ASBC Board of Directors and from members of companies providing supporting funding. Learn more.


Premature Yeast Flocculation—Still a Challenge!

Dr. Alex Speers talks about the issues of premature yeast flocculation and how to detect it.



ASBC Method Highlight: Yeast-6

Viability of culture yeast is of utmost importance. This method measures viability by a slide-culture technique employing a medium containing malt extract, yeast extract, glucose, and peptone supplemented with maltose and zinc.

Learn more about the method here.

View method.

2018 Malt Symposium Recap

The 1st ASBC Malt Flavor and Aroma Symposium was concluded in Roseville, Minnesota, U.S.A, on June 13, 2018. The three-day conference attracted over 120 attendees from at least 10 countries.


​​ASBC Quality Course

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