Volume 60: Number 2 (2002)

Research Articles

Don’t Be Fobbed Off: The Substance of Beer Foam—A Review.
D. E. Evans and M. C. Sheehan. Pages 47-57. Publication no. J-2002-0329-01R.
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Erratum for 59(2):69-76.
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Mechanical Agitation and Rheological Considerations of Ale Yeast Slurry.
T. Stoupis, G. G. Stewart, and R. A. Stafford. Pages 58-62. Publication no. J-2002-0329-02R.
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A Strategy for Detection of All Beer-Spoilage Bacteria.
Y. Nakakita, T. Takahashi, Y. Tsuchiya, J. Watari, and K. Shinotsuka. Pages 63-67. Publication no. J-2002-0329-03R.
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Effect of the Reducing Power of a Beer on Dimethyltrisulfide Production During Aging.
L. Gijs and S. Collin. Pages 68-70. Publication no. J-2002-0329-04R.
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A New Taste Sensor for Evaluation of Beer Body and Smoothness Using a Lipid-Coated Quartz Crystal Microbalance.
H. Kaneda, N. Kobayashi, J. Watari, K. Shinotsuka, M. Takashio, and Y. Okahata. Pages 71-76. Publication no. J-2002-0329-05R.
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Prediction of Confidence Limits for Diacetyl Concentration During Beer Fermentation.
I. C. Trelea, S. Landaud, E. Latrille, and G. Corrieu. Pages 77-87. Publication no. J-2002-0401-01R.
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Quantitative Analysis of Beer Aromatic Alcohols Using Stable Isotope Dilution Assay.
J.-P. Dufour, R. Wierda, M. Leus, G. Lissens, F. Delvaux, G. Derdelinckx, and D. Larsen. Pages 88-96. Publication no. J-2002-0412-01R.
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