Setting the Standard: A Deep Dive into Quality​​

July 31–August 4, 2017
Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

Industry experts will define the what, why, and how of quality brewing and quality 
measures that should be used by brewers large and small. This first course offered by ASBC in conjunction with Colorado State University will combine educational lecture and laboratory work to give attendees the tools to demystify the quality process.

Course Fee and Registration

ASBC Members: $1,745
Non-members: $1,795

Included with tuition:
  • Lectures and hands on exercises
  • Lunches
  • Tours of New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewery
  • Dinner at Illegal Pete’s
  • ASBC Local Area Brewing Science (LABS) Meeting and beer pairing dinner in Denver at Blue Moon’s new brewery
  • Transportation to offsite tours and LABS meeting.
Hotel information coming soon! 

Course Topics:

Rob Christiansen, New Belgium Brewing Company, Kelly Tretter, New Belgium Brewing Company, and Scott Britton, Duvel
  • Yeast and more yeast – counting, pitching, treatment, and propagation
  • Types of media and why/how to use them
  • Starting a micro program

Introduction to Brewing Chemistry

Dana Sedin, New Belgium Brewing Company and Kim Bacigalupo, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
  • Good laboratory techniques – pipetting, glassware, balances, and cleaning
  • Wort and beer methods
  • Physical stability and turbidity
  • Chromatography – introduction to GC and LC, and lab visit
  • Lab design, maintenance, and outsourcing

Basic Sensory

Lindsay Barr, New Belgium Brewing Company and Melissa Antone, Aroxa
  • Sensory demonstration
  • Off flavors, flavor thresholds
  • Method validation and proficiency schemes

Raw Materials

Christian Holbrook, New Belgium Brew​ing Company

Packaging Quality

Perry Dickerson, Left Hand Brewing Company

QA Management Systems

Mary Burge, Kathinka Labs
Click here for the most up-to-date schedule. As more details become available, this schedule will be updated accordingly.

This course is organized by Rob Christiansen, New Belgium Brewing Company and Jeff Callaway, Colorado State University