2015 Annual Meeting Call for Papers

ASBC is now accepting abstracts for the 2015 Annual Meeting in La Quinta, California, June 13–17. Share your latest research with your colleagues by presenting at the annual meeting.Submission instructions have been revised from previous years, so please read carefully. Abstract submission will close January 26, so submit your abstract online today! 

ASBC LABS Meeting: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Yeast

The next ASBC LABS (Local Area Brewing Science) Meeting will take place February 4. This ASBC LABS Meeting will consist of presentations on yeast, including health and fermentation, pitching rates, methods of viability, propagation, methods of analysis, and management. There will also be time to connect with your colleagues over dinner, tours, and a social hour. Registration is limited, so register now!




The ASBC Technical Committee: Inputs and Outputs

PowellChris.jpgBefore launching directly into a piece specifically focused on the ASBC Technical Committee activities, it is perhaps worth reminding you that the ASBC aims to be a “community for scientific excellence in brewing” and that one of the primary goals is to be “the global leader in scientific methods of analysis for brewing and related industries.” One key aspect of the ASBC, which helps toward achieving these two objectives, is that we are a volunteer-run organization. This means that, as members, we automatically have a vested interest in the society—we get out what we (as a community) put in.






    (Not) Lost in Translation—Tom Shellhammer Visits Tokyo and the BCOJ

    The annual meeting of the Brewery Convention of Japan (BCOJ) took place in Tokyo on November 6 and 7, 2014. Roughly 200 attendees were present from the four major breweries in Japan—Asahi, Suntory, Kirin Sapporo, and Orion. Asahi alone sent approximately 60 scientists and brewers.





    Journal of the ASBC Editor’s Pick: Effect of Harvest Maturity on the Aroma of Hops

    The assessment of hop aroma remains a fairly subjective matter for many. However the appliance of sophisticated instrumental and sensory techniques, reported by Sharp and colleagues from Oregon State University, has demonstrated how the harvest time has a profound effect on aroma delivery from Cascade hops.





    Why did the pilgrims on the Mayflower stop at Plymouth Rock in 1620?



    What is your favorite hops?

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