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Do you have any burning questions about brewing, running a quality laboratory, or analytical methods? Get the information you need to get your quality and analytical efforts to the next level. Your questions will drive the discussion during the "I've Always Wanted to Know" forum on Wednesday, June 17, during the ASBC Annual Meeting. Submit your questions to ASBC now.




It’s Never Too Late to See What SCIENCE Can Brew for You!

Britton.jpg The upcoming ASBC Annual Meeting in La Quinta is almost upon us, and I am excited to showcase such an extensive program filled with a widespread line-up of technical sessions, guest speakers, workshops, and special interest sessions. I urge you all to explore the learning and networking opportunities that this meeting has to offer and come See What SCIENCE Can Brew for You! If you haven’t registered to join in on the experience—it’s still not too late.

Come learn, connect, and be inspired by the best of #ASBC2015 !






    How to Determine if a Compound Impacts Beer Flavor

    Measuring concentration and flavor threshold to demonstrate a compound's flavor impact





    Journal of the ASBC Editor’s Pick: Determination of Purines in Beer by HPLC

    Although it can be argued strongly that beer is the healthiest of adult beverages, it does fall short in one area: gout. As demonstrated in the paper "Determination of Purines in Beer by HPLC Using a Simple and Rapid Sample Pretreatment," Li and colleagues from the China National Research Institute of Food and Fermentation Industries and Qilu University of Technology found much more purine in beer than in the other alcoholic drinks tested. The authors employed a new optimized procedure for isolating and measuring the individual purines in the beverages.





    What 1983 arcade game puts players in the shoes of a bartender?



    Do you use a sensory panel?



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