WBC 2016 Abstract Submission Now Open!

Submit your research to World Brewing Congress until February 29. This remarkable event held every four years will bring together the brewing community to increase brewing knowledge, develop new relationships, and improve business opportunities. Learn more on the WBC website, and follow WBC on Facebook abnd Twitter for updates.

New Tool: ASBC Lab Safety Checklist

Download and review the ASBC Lab Safety Checklist Jan2016ASBC Lab Safety Checklist to aid your lab in following brewery lab safety best practices.




Why the Work–Life Balance Theory Does Not Work for Brewing Scientists

We all have the feeling every day that the days are too short to accomplish what we want to do. Having a good work–life balance is defined as having enough time for work but with limited working hours and enough time for family and leisure. I always had doubts that this is a wise approach.







    ASBC Methods Highlight: Fermentable Saccharides by Chromatography (Sugars and Syrups-17)

    Gas and liquid chromatography can offer precise evaluations of saccharides in brewing sugars and syrups and in worts. Through this method, fermentable saccharides in brewing sugars and syrups can be calculated by gas and liquid chromatography. Get an institutional subscription so that your entire organization can benefit from this and the hundreds of other methods found in the ASBC Methods of Analysis.




    Journal of the ASBC Editor's Pick: Upgraded Model of Primary Gushing

    Maybe you would not expect to see the term “shock-induced pressure wave” in an article about beer. But that is exactly what Khalesi and colleagues from KU Leuven say triggers the scary problem of gushing in beer. They are also known to talk about nanobombs. Gripping stuff.





    True or false: Barley has been grown in space.



    Do you dry hop?

    Poll result chart




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