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Do you actually know the history of the WBC?

The World Brewing Congress is a highly established event in the global brewing industry, but who of you actually knows the stor y o f the World Brewing Congress? The WBC is a global, unique, stand - alone meeting, and the MBAA Annual Conference, the ASBC Annual Meeting and the EBC Congress are not held in WBC years.







    Food and Beer Pairing Science

    Pairing consumer and expert panel data to explain what we like and why.

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    Journal of the ASBC Editor's Pick: Simple and Practical Method for Evaluating the Buffering Capacity of Wort

    The pH of wort and beer has a huge role to play in determining process performance and product quality. In their paper, He et al. describe a simple technique for gauging the extent to which wort will resist the decrease in pH that occurs during fermentation.

    ASBC Methods Highlight: Aphids in Hops (Hops-3)

    While precautions in the field and storage are taken to prevent and minimize aphids' presence in hops, these precautions are not 100% effective. This quality-assurance method serves as a laboratory check for the presence of aphids in hops, as well as hop cone damage levels. Subscribe to ASBC's 200-plus Methods of Analysis so all of your colleagues can benefit from this vital information. Order institutional access today!




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