Annual Meeting Exhibits and Sponsorships Now Available for 2015

Reserve your exhibit now and save $100 when you take advantage of the advance registration discount. Exhibitors at 2014 will get priority placement at World Brewing Congress 2016. Become a meeting sponsor to get valuable exposure before and after the meeting, including your logo and link on the meeting website. 




ASBC Leadership Fall Meeting Highlights—Building on Growth and Momentum

The ASBC Technical Committee and Board of Directors (BOD) had their respective fall meetings at the ASBC headquarters in St. Paul, MN, in late September. Technical Committee Chair Chris Powell will be writing an article for an upcoming Buzz issue to tell you more about the great work his group is doing, so I won’t steal his thunder now. My focus for this article is to hit on the highlights of what your Board of Directors is working on to keep ASBC vibrant and delivering on our goals.






    ASBC Participates in the 3rd China International Brewing Conference

    The 3rd China International Brewing Conference was held at the Beijing Conference Center from September 10–12, 2014, and was attended by approximately 250 people, most of whom were from China, but also Mongolia, Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, and the United States, among others. The meeting was a success by all measures.





    Journal of the ASBC Editor’s Pick: Pectinatus Spoiling Beer

    It is only relatively recently that the gram-negative bacterium Pectinatus was identified as a beer spoiler. In "Detection and Identification of Pectinatus Brewery Contaminants Based on the Gene for the Major Outer Membrane Protein," Vanessa Pittet and colleagues from the University of Saskatchewan have developed a method based on the polymerase reaction chain to specifically identify several species of Pectinatus spoiling beer.





    What city experienced a flood of beer in 1814?



    What is your favorite hops?


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