Donate Beer to the ASBC Check Sample Service

ASBC wants your brewery's beer for the Check Sample Program. Are you willing to donate 12–13 cases every 12–18? Please contact ASBC Check Sample to find out how! (The amount of cases is subject to change depending on the number of donators.)

The ASBC Check Sample Service is an excellent tool by which subscribers can build confidence in the analytical data generated by their brewing scientists. Find out more.




For the Science of Beer

Schoenberger.jpgI said at the Annual Meeting in La Quinta, “Fun is over; this will be the German year.” Of course, this was a joke! I am German and I know Germans are not exactly known for humor, but some of us are quite funny! The ASBC is a very fun and passionate group and this is absolutely independent from nationalities. Brewing beer is universal and international and so is the Science of Beer.







    Getting Started in Beer Taster Training

    By Bill Simpson, Cara Technology, Ltd.

    I know many people who aspire to be expert tasters. It’s not easy. To judge the flavor quality of the myriad beer styles available today and identify the flavor defects that may be occasionally found in them, tasters have to be able to recognize close to 150 different flavors. It doesn’t happen overnight. Learning to taste beer is a journey. Like any journey, it’s best to start sooner rather than later and map out a series of manageable steps toward the destination.





    Journal of the ASBC Editor’s Pick: The Beer Gushing Phenomenon

    While we all recognize the horrors of beer gushing, there is still much to learn about the science under-pinning the phenomenon. In their paper, Novak and colleagues from the Czech Republic have reported a more reliable evaluation technique that they have used to show the impact both hop bitter acids and hop oil components can have in promoting undesirable over-foaming.





    19th-century biologist John Lubbock studied the effects of beer on what animal?



    Do you use a sensory panel?



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