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Welcome to the New ASBC Website

Welcome to the ASBC! I hope you like the look and feel of the newly designed website. It’s one way that we want to (re)connect with our current members and welcome our future ones. The new website is a visible and symbolic example of the new membership benefits ASBC has to offer, plus its desire to provide a community for brewers, brewing scientists, and professionals who seek instruments, skills, and knowledge for assuring quality in the brewing industry.






    Flavor Gets High Marks in the Michigan Beer Guide

    Michigan Beer Guide recently published a review of Flavor by Charlie Bamforth. Halfpenny described the book as “surprisingly easy to understand, especially given the complexity of the subject,” and “worth every penny to anyone who dares offer an opinion on beer flavor.”

    Read the review...




    Journal of the ASBC Editor’s Pick: Lautering Performance Prediction from Malt

    For many years scientists have sought reliable means for predicting the wort separation behavior of malt. Holtz and colleagues from the Technische Universität München have found that the lautering performance can be predicted rather reliably by making near infrared spectral measurements on the malt.





    What building in Thailand is constructed entirely of beer bottles?



    What is your favorite hops?


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