NEW – ASBC Webinar Offering

Join presenter Josh Havill of the University of Minnesota as he presents "Hop Breeding and Wild Hops in Minnesota" on June 20, 2017. Learn about hop breeding in the Midwest and the work going on right now at the University, as they research and develop varieties that can adapt to the unique climate of the Midwest. Don't miss this dynamic webinar! Register today!​

Upcoming ASBC Short Course: "Setting the Standard: A Deep Dive into Quality​​"

Registration is now open for the ASBC Short Course on Quality, taking place July 31–August 4, 2017, in Fort Collins, Colorado. This course, offered in conjunction with Colorado State University, will cover the what, why, and how of quality brewing and measurement. Seats are limited, so register now to reserve yours!

Microbiology Video Series

ASBC and the Brewers Association have collaborated to demonstrate brewing microbiology methods from the ASBC Methods of Analysis in video format. Watch "Microbiological Control 1a" and "Microbiological Control 5l" here.




A Sneak Peek at the ASBC Laboratory Proficiency Program

Coming soon: the ASBC Laboratory Proficiency Program. This updated tool allows subscribing laboratories to maintain their quality standards by checking their procedures and comparing results with peer laboratories.








Barbara Dunn Talks Yeast Genetics

2017 ASBC Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker Barbara Dunn gives us a taste of "What's Brewing in Yeast Genetics?"

Read more.




Journal of the ASBC Editor's Pick: New Study Shows Whirlpool Additions Can Produce More Intensely Aromatic Beers Than Dry Hopping

Most believe that the way towards intense hop aroma is via dry hopping. Daniel Sharp and colleagues from Oregon State University indicate that addition of hops to the whirlpool can lead to a more profound hop character.




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