Check Samples

The ASBC Check Sample Service provides subscribers an opportunity to evaluate accuracy, as well as instrument performance on a scheduled, regular basis. By comparing internal laboratory data to results from other laboratories around the world, a critical assessment of the analytical data generated by subscribing laboratories can be made.
ASBC offers five different types of samples to meet laboratory needs:

Check Sample Process

  • ​Samples are shipped to subscribing laboratories for analysis on a predetermined schedule. Each check sample offers a variety of analysis options for which results can be submitted. ​
  • After analyzing the samples, laboratories submit their results to the headquarters office prior to the given deadline date. 
  • Results submitted from all laboratories are compiled and statistically evaluated by ASBC. 
  • Results are then provided in report form to subscribers by a given deadline. 
  • The data displayed in the reports maintain subscriber anonymity, as results are displayed by confidential laboratory codes.