Calibration and Standard Samples​

​ASBC Standard Malt Sample

This standard malt sample is primarily used for setting laboratory malt mills. It is the same sample offered with series G of the Malt Check Sample Analysis.

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International Calibration Standards (ICS)

ASBC offers the following international calibration standards:
  • DCHA-Iso, ICS-I4 (iso-alpha-acids standard)
  • DCHA-Rho, ICS-R2 (rho-iso-alpha-acids standard)
  • Tetra, ICS-T3 (tetrahydroiso-alpha-acids standard) 
  • DCHA-Hexa, ICS-H1 (hexahydroiso-alpha-acids standard)

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Available in 250-mg vials at a rate of $100 per vial. Shipping to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Japan is including in the price. For shipping to other countries, please request a quote.

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International Calibration Extract 3 (ICE-3) for HPLC Analysis of Alpha-Acids and Beta-Acids

ICE-3 is a hop extract with known concentrations of α-acids and ß-acids. ICE-3 was produced with supercritical CO2 and decoiled for improved stability.


Total α-acids – 44.64%
Cohumulone 13.88%
n-+adhumulone 30.76%
colupulone 13.44%
n-+adlupulone 10.84%
total ß-acids 24.28%

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Soluble Starch

The ASBC Soluble Starch, used as a reference, is the only product of its kind available for evaluation of diastatic enzymes in malt. The ASBC soluble starch offers laboratories a consistent sample without the need to revalidate with each sample purchase.

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