Welcome to the ASBC Check Sample Program

​Accuracy and quality control in the laboratory are the principles on which ASBC was founded as a scientific society. For more than 70 years, ASBC has aided malting and brewing laboratories in improving data accuracy and technical proficiency.

Why ASBC Check Sample?

Participating laboratories rely on check sample services for a number of reasons, including:

  • Comparison of subscriber results with those of other industry laboratories (results are anonymous)
  • Confirming analysis proficiency of laboratory personnel within the same facility or corporate multi-site system
  • Monitoring of instrumentation
  • Identification of areas for method improvement
  • Benchmarking of best practices
  • Qualification of contract laboratories
  • Evaluation of alternative analytical methodologies
  • Enhancement of process control capabilities by providing an independent means to assure gauge-related contributions to data variability
  • Ensure accuracy of labeling information

Three services are offered by the ASBC Check Sample Program:

Check Samples
Calibration & Standard Samples
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The program enables subscribing laboratories to assess and strengthen quality standards by evaluating the accuracy and consistency of their results. ASBC Check Sample Program is an excellent tool by which subscribers can build confidence in the analytical data generated by their brewing scientists.