Packaging QC: A comparison of practices from 40k-400k barrels​ | ASBC Webinar​​​

Broadcast Date

May 20, 2021
​12:00 p.m. Central



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Webinar Summary

With the current state of the beer distribution world, package quality is more important than ever. To be competitive in the market, you need to make sure your cans and bottles have been packaged with integrity and quality practices in place to ensure your beer lives up to its shelf life. This is an opportunity for all sizes of breweries and packaging departments to learn and compare notes with others in the industry.

This webinar will be an in-depth comparison of packaging QC practices at three different-sized craft breweries from 40K to 400K barrels of annual production. Three industry experts will be discussing their practices including raw material QC checks, packaging line QC checks from start-up through end-of-run, and QC sampling plans for packaged beer. They will also be covering topics like analytical instrumentation used on the packaging line, record-keeping, and utilizing sensory practices during a packaging run. If you already have a developed packaging QC program in your brewery, this webinar may be a useful comparison of practices. If you are just starting to develop your packaging QC program, this webinar will show you how to start and what to plan for.

Attendees will learn the following:

  • ​Will be able to see what packaging QC practices look like at breweries ranging from 40K bbls to 400K bbls.
  • What it takes to start up a robust packaging QC program and plan for future investments and training.

About the Presenters​

Levi Bainum
Surly Brewing

​Levi Bainum is packaging management at Surly Brewing company and has been with the company since 2012. He is a graduate of Siebel Institute of Technology, World Brewing Academy, and CFT seamer school. HACCP, SQF, and forklift certified. He has worked nearly two decades in manufacturing. Commissioning lines, launching brands, and leading teams of skilled workers with a goal of constant improvement.

Rick Blankemeier has over 10 years of brewing and quality assurance experience in the craft brewing industry. He spent six years as the quality assurance manager at Stone Brewing Co, Director of Brewing Operations at Modern Times Beer, and is currently the Director of Quality at Belching Beaver Brewery.
​Rick Blankemeier
Belching Beaver Brewing Co​.

Tim Lozen
Bell's Brewery
Tim Lozen is currently the Packaging Quality Manager for Bell's Brewery located in Kalamazoo, MI.  After graduating from Western Michigan University, Tim joined the craft beer industry and has since been involved for over 15 years. During that time, he has held a number of various roles that have encompassed both Brewing and Packaging Quality. Tim enjoys being an active member of the brewing community, sharing his passion for all things Craft Beer.