​​The "Hard-to-Hold" World of Wine and Ciders in Aluminum Cans — Challenges and Lessons for the Brewing Industry ​

​Broadcast Date: ​October 28, 2020

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​Webinar Summary

Aluminum beverage cans are the fastest growing sector of wine packaging, with sales increasing approximately 30-fold between 2012 and 2018. However, producers of canned wines and ciders have reported on occasional problems with the products, including the development of H2S ("rotten egg" aroma) and visible corrosion during storage, likely due to the use of SO2 in production. This webinar will review some of the lessons that have been learned to date the studies on canned wine and cider, and how they might translate to brewers-especially those putting less conventional styles (e.g. sours beers, dry-hopped beers, flavored beers) into cans.

About the Presenter

Dr. Gavin Sacks is a professor and associate chair in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University, where he has been a faculty member since 2007. His research interest is developing a molecular-level understanding of genetic, environmental, and abiotic factors that affect food flavor compounds, particularly those important to grapes and wines; and developing state-of-the-art approaches for analysis of trace-level components associated with the food and beverage quality. He has >​60 peer-reviewed papers published or in review, received approximately $4 million in funding from a range of industry, state, and federal sources, and given 40 invited research talks. He has mentored over 30 past and current graduate students and post-doctoral associates. He also has served as Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Food Science and Viticulture & Enology majors, teaches courses related to flavor chemistry and wine and grape analyses, and has co-authored an international textbook on wine chemistry.​

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