​​​​​Standardized Data Collection with the ASBC Sampling Plan | ASBC Webinar​​

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Friday, March 26, 2021

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Webinar Summary

Data management at a brewery can be a real challenge. On the other hand, your data, when properly managed, can be one of your most valuable assets to improve the quality of your beers and efficiency of your operations. This webinar looks to provide participants with a foundation of the basics of data management and best practices. From there, the presenters will introduce an established framework for what data to collect based on your brewery size, the ASBC Sampling Plan, and how to implement and utilize the ASBC Sampling Plan on the open-source and low-cost data management system, Brewery Pi.

About the Presenters​


Trent Leslie

Trent was raised in Ashland, Ohio, and graduated from Saint Louis University in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. He then changed course, spending a few years in southeast Kansas as an oil & gas landman researching titles in courthouses and negotiating contracts with landowners. In 2009, he changed course again and moved to Cincinnati to study biology at the University of Cincinnati and spend more time with Sarah, his future wife, and fellow craft beer enthusiast. He married in 2012 and graduated with a master's degree in biology in 2013. Another long-time homebrewer and volunteer turned employee, Trent spends his time at MadTree managing the Quality Program.​


Brian Faivre

​While pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Brian continued his true passion of making beer as a homebrewer. After 5 years working as a software engineer, Brian took his first professional brewing job at a small pub in San Francisco. Two years later, Brian attended the UC Davis Master Brewers Program and earned his Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. After finishing the UC Davis Master Brewers Program, Brian joined Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon where he spent nearly 17 years and his final 10 as Brewmaster. More recently, Brian has joined TRU Colors in Wilmington, NC where he serves as Vice President of Brewery Operations.​