The Science of Sensory: From Theory to Practice​​| ASBC Webinar

Broadcast Date: December 1​, 2022
Time: 2:00 PM Central

Questions? Contact Bryan Mowry at ASBC

Webinar Summary

Explore the scientific theory behind running a Sensory Panel at your brewery. Grasp a deeper understanding of the types of Sensory Analyses such as Discrimination and Descriptive Sensory panels - and how to select which to use. Learn how to assess the validity of a sensory panel’s results confidently​. 

Take these sensory class foundations and apply them directly to​ the beer lab. Design a Sensory Program utilizing the methods out of ASBC that fit your budget, time, and space. Gain access to resources and materials to structure your Sensory Program.


This session will introduce the three different types of sensory analyses, examples of evaluation forms, and actionable methods for implementing a suitable program for your needs and budget. 

At the end of this session, attendees will be aware of sensory tools brewers can easily implement into their quality program/busy schedule. Explore how a sensory program can be used to make better beer and improve batch-to-batch consistency. 

Attendees will be able to explain the usefulness of sensory incentives, mana​gement buy-in, space requirements for a panel, and what types of testing to use.


About the Presenters


Dana Garves
Oregon BrewLab

Amy Todd
Zymology Labs

Dana Garves has led an impressive career as a CEO and beer chemist in her decade-plus career in the brewing industry. Serving as the founder and CEO at Oregon BrewLab, she is on a mission to provide affordable, fast, precise, and federally accurate testing services to the fermentation industry. Through her commitment to brewing, testing, and perfecting, Garves has helped over 500 beer, cider, seltzer, kombucha brewers, and spirit distillers improve their craft and create the best damn products they can. She is passionate about beer science education and has developed multiple sensory classes taught all over Oregon and Washington for brewery staff and beer enthusiasts.


Amy Todd is the founder of Zymology Labs, a TTB-certified beer and hard cider testing lab, now a part of Bia Diagnostics. She has spent over a decade in the craft beer world, holding positions at Zero Gravity Craft Brewery and Magic Hat. She is a BJCP certified beer judge, Certified Cicerone®️, a lab instructor at the American Brewers Guild, and co-host of the podcast Check your Beer. Amy started in the beer world after attending the American Brewer’s Guild in 2009 and has continued to learn as much about beer as possible.