​Malt Aroma Research

​Broadcast Date: April 26, 2018 │ 11:00 AM CDT

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​Webinar Summary

The webinar will give insight into a recent research project on malt aroma identification and quantification. In order to quantify and evaluate the influence of malt aroma it was necessary to identify the key aroma compounds of malt.

Materials & Methods: Different malts of industrial and experimental production were chosen and characterized in their aroma pr​​​​​ofile. For the chemical analysis gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry was used. The webinar describes the method or preparation, trial conditions and principle results.

Results & Discussion: A number of different key aroma substances could be identified as relevant for the character of different malts. By comparison with an internal standard, the amount of such volatile compounds could be quantified and associated with principle flavor descriptors. This makes it possible to correlate the amount of volatiles with the overall sensorial impressions of malt as it was shown in previous work in the Malt Aroma Wheel.

Conclusions: This work can be considered as important ground work for the identification of flavor changes caused by process and raw ​material variations. The work is of help for brewers and maltsters to determine the influence of malt type on flavor of the final products.

What attendees will take away:

  • Understanding of formation and identification of sensorial relevant components, ways to influence them during malting and brewing.
  • How can the industry make use of this new information.

Who Should Attend:

  • Researchers and production
  • Product development in brewing, malting, and beverage technology

About the Presenter

Prof. Jens Voigt

Prof. Jens Voigt
Trier University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Jens Voigt received his degree as a Diploma Engineer (MSc) in brewing and beverage technology from TU München—Weihenstephan, Germany, in 1985. He started his career with A. Steinecker GmbH, Freising, as a technical engineer in brewhouse and fermentation and filtration equipment. He received his doctorate in brewing technology on beer foam from Weihenstephan (Prof. Dr. Narziß). In 1996 he joined Doemens, Munich, Germany, as managing director. In late 1997 he joined Heinrich Huppmann GmbH, Kitzingen, Germany, as key account manager for brewery equipment. From 2004 to 2012 he was a research associate with Prof. Sommer, mechanical engineering & process technology, at the Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München, working on brewing and beverage process technology issues. In 2012 he has been appointed as professor in beverage technology at Trier University.