Context Matters! Discovering Consumer Insights Through Sensory​

​Broadcast Date: May 23, 2019

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​Webinar Summary

Most product new development testing takes place in central location tests (CLTs) but consumers actually consume products in homes, restaurants and other settings rather than highly controlled environments. Consumer testing is typically conducted in CLTs due to the greater amount of “noise” or distraction in a natural setting. To understand the effect of natural versus controlled settings, sensory scientists have been studying the effect of context on consumer responses.

This study utilizes an operational brewery Taproom situation versus CLT situations to establish environmental context differences. Three context situations were studied: 1) “Taproom Branded” – craft beer Brewery intercepted consumers (n=98), beer served in branded glassware with marketed cans; 2) “CLT Branded” - CLT using pre-recruited craft beer consumers (n=98), beer served in branded glassware with marketed cans; and 3) “CLT Blinded” - CLT using pre-recruited craft beer consumers (n=97), beer served in unbranded glassware.

From this study, we have determined that context significantly impacts liking for products, liking order, and sensitivity in finding liking differences. Branding should be considered to bring context to CLT product tests.

About the Presenters

Leigh Enderle

Leigh Enderle
M.S. Sensation Research

Leigh Enderle, the Director of Research Strategic, broadly skilled leader with diverse experience in building business both as an entrepreneur and in traditional corporate settings focused on the food and beverage related industries. Effective project/ team management and strategic planning skills combined with collaborative leadership style creates ability to influence others towards a plan and drive to outstanding results. Proprietor of Maribelle’s eat + drink Entrepreneurial experience building and developing a successful business and brand. Conceptualized, designed, built and grew an upscale American restaurant from the ground up with no prior restaurant experience. Consumer & Sensory Insight, Market Research Manager & Internet Marketing Manager at Givaudan Flavors & Fragrances. Corporate experience in consumer insights, market research and innovation. Supported global consumer insights needs through project management, customer visits, presentations, ethnography and sensory training workshops and short courses.

Cindy Ward

Cindy Ward
Sensation Research

Cindy Ward, Brings to clients a wealth of experience in developing sensory and consumer research programs, leading global technical teams, forming strategic cross-functional partnerships and guiding development of successful products. Senior Vice President at J. Reckner Associates/Blueberry. Led sensory and consumer program development for product development at CPG clients. Proven business developer who tripled revenue within 2 years. Global Head of Sensory Science and Consumer Research at Givaudan Flavors & Fragrances Built a technically advanced team composed of 45 scientists across 11 countries. Recognized throughout the industry for providing innovative solutions to product development and research challenges. Invited speaker at numerous conferences and short courses. Authored many publications and participated in multiple testing guidelines for ASTM. Past Chair of the Sensory Evaluation Division of the Institute of Food Technologists.

About the Moderator

Darla Hall

Darla Hall
Research Vibe

Darla Hall, Founding Partner of Research Vibe, guides cross-functional teams to deliver strategic solutions that transform consumer insights into innovative products and brands. The core of Research Vibe’s business mission is training and transferring skills to client teams on sensory research best practices. Darla has lived and played in the world of product and market research for three decades, providing services to non-profits, CPG, entertainment and healthcare industries. As a Sensory Scientist, she brings a unique perspective, taking organizations on a journey inside the hearts and minds of consumers, discovering the emotional connection to products or services and illuminating solutions that improve quality of life. Professional community involvement includes; ASTM International Past Chair Committee E-18 for Sensory Evaluation and leads standards writing initiatives for sensory best practices. E-18 Award of Merit recipient for co-chairing a decade-long workshop series focusing on sharing cutting-edge knowledge and tools to the CPG community. Founding member of Society of Sensory Professionals, IFT CFS. ​