On behalf of ASBC and the ASEV​ conference planning committee, we wish to invite you to attend the 1st Joint Symposium on Yeast and Fermented Beverage Flavor, being held at the Oxford Suites Sonoma County Hotel in Rohnert Park, California.

Research in the areas of yeast aroma and flavor in fermented beverages has made great headway in the past decade. We look forward to sharing the new, exciting, and relevant research on this topic that has emerged more recently. This two-and-a-half-day conference will feature notable speakers invited from around the world to share their knowledge about the impact of yeast on wine, beer, cider, and distillate flavor and aroma.

Please join us April 24–26, 2019, in Sonoma County for an engaging meeting about yeast and its contributions to fermented beverage flavor.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are several sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact ASBC for more information.
Co-Chairs, Planning Committee of the ASBC/ASEV Joint Symposium on Yeast and Fermented Beverage Flavor
Dr. Pattie Aron
Brewing Research and Innovation
Rahr Corporation
Shakopee, MN
Dr. Jim Harbertson
Associate Professor of Enology
Washington State University
Richland, WA