New perSPECtives on Cereals

​Panel Discussion

Attendees will come away understanding modern barley malt quality concerns, analytics, and new opportunities for sensory differentiation using barley. In addition, alternative cereals quality aspects and agronomics will be shared.

Quality Beer: Harnessing the Power of Yeast

Hands-On Workshop with Samples

Details coming soon!

Quality Considerations and Processing Suggestions for No to Low

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A Shallow Dive into the History of Whisky

Hands-On Workshop

​​Whisky has been in existence for about five hundred years. The term whisky is less something exact and more a broad term used to define a distilled spirit in wood. This workshop will examine the history of whisky and its unique forms of production. We will present a few samples to exhibit the variety of whisky.   

*Pre-registration and ticket required

Tapping into Consumer Tastes: How to Design, Execute, and Analyze Consumer-Focused Sensory Testing

Hands-On Workshop

​Consumer research can often feel daunting and out of reach for many breweries looking to get feedback on product quality or acceptability during new product development, especially when resources are scarce. This workshop will describe the benefits of consumer research, how to define the test objective, and how to org​anize and execute tap room surveys, focus groups, and Central Location Tests (CLT)/ Home Use Tests (HUT) at a low cost. This session will be interacting – offering participants a project-based learning format where they will work in groups to design a consumer survey for a given situation. Each group will be asked to consider the overall test design and how to facilitate their research. To conclude the session, examples of all three consumer tests (including study design and survey structure) will be revealed along with options for data collection, analysis, and interpretation of the results. The hands-on experience gained from this workshop will provide participants with confidence and a fundamental understanding of how to execute their own consumer study in the future.

Why You Should Care About Packaging: 3 Real Experiences Where Packaging Impacted Sensory, Micro and Analytical Beer Quality

Panel Discussion

Focus on Packaging: Review & Perspectives from three panelists on three circumstances where packaging quality, parameters, or process had unanticipated effects on beer quality. Following the situational reviews, the presenters will move to a panel discussion format for open Q&A with the audience. Attendees hear of three real-world experiences where packaging impacted the final quality of the product. At the end of this presentation + panel discussion, the attendees will have a broadened perspective on the importance of how package quality, parameters, and process may affect their final products. ​