​​About the 2021 ASBC Virtual ​Meeting

​​The theme of the 2021 ASBC Virtual ​Meeting (June 7-9) is How to Succeed in Times of Change. The ASBC Program Committee is developing the meeting content with the intent of helping you respond to changing needs in the marketplace in a proactive and meaningful way. The responsibility of our brewing community is to challenge the status quo and move the industry forward by meeting the ever-evolving tastes and expectations of the consumer. You will ​come away from this meeting with a clearer understanding on how to translate academic research into innovation that reaches consumers through actionable strategies that move at the speed of the market.

With a nod to the need for innovation and the requirements of our current time, this meeting will be held completely virtually and will incorporate new, interactive elements within the program experience. Workshop details are in development now for areas of learning in alternate beverages, yeast innovation, fruit beer, lexicon development, hop creep, and proactive quality practices. We are excited to see you online this June and gather together as a community that establishes new ground through industry storytelling, cases studies, and our shared backbone in scientific research. ​

The Society

The American Society of Brewing Chemists was founded in 1934 to improve and bring uniformity to the brewing industry on a technical level. Today, ASBC is com​pri​sed of individual and corporate members worldwide representing breweries of all sizes, the allied industries that supply the brewing industry, academic researchers, government agencies, and organizations associated with regulation of the brewing industry.​