ASBC Staff Contacts​​

ASBC staff values you as a member and wants to provide the best service, products, and programs possible. The quick reference below is useful for commonly asked questions. We welcome your questions and input.


Executive Officer, Amy Hope
Director of Operations, Carol Ericson
Board Relations Manager, Linda Schmitt

Customer Servic​e

Membership, Shelley Heutmaker
Lab Proficiency Program Services and Products, Cheryl Kruchten


Membership, Committees, Shelley Heutmaker
ASBC Buzz, Emma Nygren
Awards, ​Research Council, Linda Schmitt


ASBC Journal, Editor-in-Chief, Inge Russell​
ASBC Journal, Technical Editor, Carol Duling
Director of Publications, Greg Grahek
ASBC Press Feedback, Dawn Wuest

Advertising/Exhibits Sales

Sponsorship and Advertising Sales, Brianna Plank
Sales Coordinator, Rhonda Wilkie​

Meetings/Professional Development

Director of Meeting Planning and Logistics, Tressa Patrias
Meeting Registration: Sarah McNamara
Meeting Abstracts, Megan Boatman
Continuing Education, Susan Kohn
LABS Meetings, Webinars, Bryan Mowry


Book and Journal Promotion, Greg Grahek

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